Don's October Surprise: Donald Trump claims to have “very big news” about President Obama, "big news" that could alter the presidential race, "big news" that Fox News will certainly cover "in a very big fashion."

Breasts Confirmed on Eastern Washington Candidate: Over at the conservative Western Center for Journalism, which is in the business of "informing and equipping Americans who love freedom," whatever that's supposed to mean, they've got the scoop on Democratic candidate Amy Biviano. She's running for the state legislature against GOP bigot Matt Shea, and the Western Center has exposed that she—le gasp!—has been "caught" posing for Playboy in 1995 (maybe NSFW?). This scandal makes Biviano unqualified for politics:

The dictionary definition of hypocritical is the “pretense of having virtues, beliefs, principles, etc.” Many politicians are well described by this adjective; but in 2012, none deserves it more than Amy Biviano.

MItt Romney Is Not Lying About His New Centrist Positions: If you believe RNC chair Reince Priebus.

Certifiable Dope: Lance Armstrong stripped of all Tour de France titles.

Hit and Run: I'd like to throw the trite phrase "thrown under the bus" under the bus.

French Conservatives: Positioning to block gay marriage.

VOTE OR WELL KILL YOU: Click the cheat sheet.
  • VOTE OR WE'LL KILL YOU: Click the cheat sheet.
This Cannot Be Real: Is this woman seriously breastfeeding her pug?

Kangaroo Prosecutors: The Feds accidentally unsealed documents that shows they tracked "anarchists" from Portland to Seattle's Mayday protests. The US Attorney's office has using grand jury subpoenas to intimidate and imprison the activists. And yes, the window-smashy protesters are ridiculous, but not nearly as ridiculous as these farcical, political trials.

This: Man tells mom and family that he was gay for a year—he told everyone that he was gay—and now tells KIRO that he wasn't gay at all. He was just doing it to... I'm not entirely clear why he did it.

Third Presidential Debate: We'll be live-blogging the foreign-policy debate beginning tonight at 6:00 p.m. right here on this Slog. If you want to join us in person, we'll be at Havana (1010 E Pike St). They have pizza and drinks at Havana.

If Rob McKenna Wins: It's because the Republican Governor's Association, which has poured $10 million into the state, is deluging the airwaves this week with commercials like this that say Jay Inslee wants to tax the middle class into poverty.

The House That Austin Hay Built: It's really super small, and it can roll to college. Hay is 17: