... and so good with puppies.

Founders of A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue (ADBBR) brought the pups to the first annual Central Pennsylvania Pit Bull Awareness Day on Saturday, October 13. At about 2:00 p.m. Renae Metz, one of the founders, noticed that one of the puppies, Yogi, looked like he was having trouble. “His stomach was bloated, he had glazy eyes and couldn’t hold his head up,” said Metz.

Yogi was rushed to Ebensburg Animal Hospital where he died. The other five pups – Niayah, Mongy, Aramis, Deacon and Takoda – were sent to the animal hospital for observation and given IV fluids. Tragically, Takoda also died.

A necropsy confirmed poisoning. Brittany Miller, another founder of ADBBR, spoke with me by telephone and relayed the veterinarian suspected bleach or a bleach-based product was put in the water bowls. This caused their livers to start bleeding. Two days before, the puppies were given a clean bill of health by the veterinarian.