When you think of drones, you probably think of the RC airplanes that kill people in faraway lands.

Fortunately, killer drones aren't included the Seattle Police Department's plan to use the unmanned aerial aircraft for police work. SPD says they'll use the two drones to monitor crime scenes and track missing persons, but some Seattle residents and the ACLU of Washington are concerned about drones compromising peoples' privacy (e.g., the identities of domestic violence victims being captured on tape and then subject to public disclosure requests).

So, to dispel misconceptions about their drone program, SPD brass are hosting a Q&A this Thursday, October 25th at Garfield Community Center from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

There, you'll have the opportunity to ask the SPD questions about its plans to police from the city's skies, and Assistant Chief Paul McDonagh will be on hand to alleviate (or further aggravate) your concerns about the department's drone program.