An email from Music for Marriage Equality's Kerri Harrop:

Hello friends,

I have tried to keep emails about the campaign few and far between. You already know what's up. You have most likely already given your time, energy, money, and vote. Thank you. But, here's the deal. We are 12 days from Election Day, and things are getting rough out here. We are only going to Approve Ref 74 if everyone that supports the cause digs deep, and goes a little harder in the paint.

This is not just about money, although that sure helps. I've listed some important ways for you to get involved below.

Civil rights struggles are not easy. Our opposition has defeated equal marriage rights 32 times out of 32 attempts at the ballot. They are coming in strong, with scare tactics and lies. Support for Music for Marriage Equality and WA United for Marriage is pouring in from around the country. Everyone knows that these last two weeks are critical. So, I am asking you, please do what you can to help get this done.

There are some really bright and dedicated folks on this campaign, and working with them is an honor. Sleep is elusive, and we are all exhausted. We will rest when the ballots have been counted. Until then, it is go time. We are giving it our all. We have a popular saying at campaign headquarters: Don't Fuck It Up. It is now or never. There are very few opportunities to make political history and enact social change. This is that moment. We need your help to make it happen. Please take a look at the action items below. Share with like-minded supporters.

Thank you for being my friend. I sincerely appreciate all the support. It has been so beautiful.

Kerri Harrop
Project Manager
Music for Marriage Equality



There is a current match in place from Mayor Bloomberg, that will double all donations up to $250k if they are received by midnight, October 26. That's this Friday. I have upped my fundraising goal to $10k. I need $4,513 to get there. Can you give a little more?

Do you have a restaurant? Help feed our phone bank volunteers with an in-kind donation. I can hook you up with our coordinator. Do you have a bar? You could run a special and donate the proceeds. Do you have a service to donate? Holler.

Phone banking works, and so does door belling. We have opportunities all over the state, and especially here in Seattle, our base. Take a look, and volunteer some time.

The Stranger recently wrote some good pieces about their experiences on the phones. They will inspire you. Search Slog, or check out Eli's great account.

Polls prove it and common sense underlines it: conversations about this issue matter. Know the facts, and know how to present them. Again, The Stranger has a great piece on how to talk about it.

We have a Marriage Fact Check site, which is super helpful and informative:

Use your social networks, blogs, columns, big pretty mouths.

Visibility counts. Stop by our Capitol Hill Action Center (517 E. Pike, inside Kaladi Brothers Coffee) and get a yard sign, a bumper sticker, a t-shirt, a button. A lot of you have businesses. Voice your Approve Ref 74 message from your windows, your marquee, your advertising, your menus. Email your friends. Use your social networks to gather support. Holler at your out-of-state friends and get them involved.

One of MME's biggest projects has been working with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on Same Love. The video has over 5 million views, and the press has been enormous. It has brought us worldwide attention. The campaign has received over $40k from sales of the download. We still have copies of the ltd. edition 7" available. Buy some. Share the video. Records available at Action Center, Easy Street, and through Sub Pop. Official video here.

We won't win unless we get out the vote, especially younger voters. In Washington state, the deadline to register in person is this Monday, October 29. Make sure the people in your life are registered. Do you own a bar, club, or restaurant? Make sure your staff is good to go. King County voters can register in person downtown. All the info you need at the King County website.

We have a Voter Hotline. Call it with any questions: 855.564.2668