Republicans Doughnut Know What to Do! They're apparently "divided" about how to respond to Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who blurted that that rape-induced pregnancy is "something that God intended."

Trump's Dump: Any moment now, Donald Trump is going to announce his "very big" news that will sink Obama, lift Romney, and deliver burritos to everyone everywhere.

Electoral Map: Obama country.

An Unflattering Photo: Rob McKenna's picture in his endorsement from the Tacoma News Tribune.

DUI Charges Forthcoming: Driver plows through crime scene last night on Aurora:

Despite the fact that there were patrol cars with flashing lights, police tape, flares, and traffic cones all put in place to direct traffic and protect the crime scene, the female driver and her passenger drove through the scene at approximately 25 mph, and struck the rear bumper of the patrol car.

That's It, We Need to Destroy Seattle's Police Union: They're fomenting a specious claim of an "anti-police" sentiment from the Seattle City Attorney, after the culture they created with Seattle's cops got our city sued by the Feds, which is now the city attorney's fucking problem. It's not that City Hall is anti-cops, it's that the right-wing children who run the police union are anti-Seattle. The Seattle Police Officer's Guild needs to be dismantled and rebuilt as a new union with better leadership.

What Voter ID Laws Mean: For trans people who need to show identification, prove their gender.