The market will be closed for a second day. Politics is at a standstill. Nature makes its return...

As many as 300,000 customers in seven states are without power, CNN reported.

The Hudson and East rivers in New York City have begun overflowing their banks.

Officials warned that flooding in lower Manhattan could inundate the city's underground electric and communications lines and subway system.

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq will stay suspended for a second day on Tuesday. The United Nations headquarters in New York has also been closed.

We can do nothing but wait—wait for it to end, wait for something normal to return, wait for the market's profit-reaping machines to roar again...

...and politics to go through another bout of Romnesia:


By the way, the world will not end like this...

  • NASA

As the UW professor and science writer Peter Ward pointed out to me once, the day there is no wind at all is the first day of the end.