The Romney Campaign's Big Ohio Lie Has Its Own Commercial Now


I'm going to move to Ohio so my vote means something. It doesn't mean anything in Washington State
I don't think people vote for Romeny because they've been fooled. The do it because they are voting against reality. They hate the facts so much they've decided to simply deny them and demand an alternate reality.

It's the same with the latest economic numbers or with the horror of rape. They choose to deny it and believe something else. They're not the rich people Romney is giving a tax cut to, but it's fun to pretend they're that rich, so they pretend.
It seems to me Jeep must not be happy about this line of argument. It's damaging to their brand.
Why does the Romney ad look and sound like it was recorded for the 1984 election and left to rot on a VHS tape for 28 years?
In essence, a structured bankruptcy is what the auto industry went through, although it gave the unions most of the pie and leaving creditors and dealerships hanging out to dry.

To the democrats dismay, team Obama's strategy of killing Romney by a death of a thousand cuts of Bain barbs and supposed hypocrisy, isn't have any affect with only eight days to go.

Partisan voters, like all of you, and like me, have made up their minds. The few folks who are annoyed with Obama but wary of taking a risk with Romney are starting to break for Romney. Which is what happens with challengers, especially when the incumbent has deteriorating poll numbers on handling the economy, and as of late a precipitous drop in handling of foreign policy.

So what is Obama's vision for his second term? The best and only way he can win is to articulate that in the remaining hours, doubly hard to do with Sandy wrecking havoc.

@5 Reading that, it sounds like you are just fine with Romney lying. But that can't be true, because we all know that lying is a bad thing.
@6: Yes, lying is a bad thing. But Romney changes policy positions, which is not laying. Lying is saying that a U.S. Ambassador was killed because a spontaneous uprising over a video trailer on YouTube.
BTW, that video maker is still in prison. Obama does care about the first amendment, especially if it interferes his homage to Al Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood.
I mean it's not like the attackers in Libya are saying that they staged the raid because of the video...

To those on the ground, the circumstances of the attack are hardly a mystery. Most of the attackers made no effort to hide their faces or identities, and during the assault some acknowledged to a Libyan journalist working for The New York Times that they belonged to the group. And their attack drew a crowd, some of whom cheered them on, some of whom just gawked, and some of whom later looted the compound.

The fighters said at the time that they were moved to act because of the video, which had first gained attention across the region after a protest in Egypt that day. The assailants approvingly recalled a 2006 assault by local Islamists that had destroyed an Italian diplomatic mission in Benghazi over a perceived insult to the prophet. In June the group staged a similar attack against the Tunisian Consulate over a different film, according to the Congressional testimony of the American security chief at the time, Eric A. Nordstrom.

Oh whoops. Another Romney narrative down the drain.
Shorter @7...

"Yes, lying is a bad thing; let me demonstrate for you."
@8: Surveillance videos show no crowds at the consulate. The Ambassador says good bye to a visitor on a desolate street around 10 pm. The government is not letting the press see the rest of the video that I know of.
Regardless of what actually transpired that night, why hasn't the President been transparent with the American people instead of leaving it others to find out the facts (at best) and second guessing and Machiavellian extrapolations (at worst)?
Obama could have but this baby to bed long ago and glided in to reelection, despite Romney's surge. But he blew it.
Why don't you link to Romney's own words on that specific issue from back in November 2008?…

"IF General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye."

His words. Written by him.
Yet now that the bailout seems to have worked and saved THOUSANDS of jobs in an important state for the election, Romney is claiming that what happened was what he advocated.
Romney is lying.
It's a simple as that.
Gay Dude, you are pathological and need to be medicated.

Here is one link of many that demonstrates the lie behind the misleading Jeep ad.…

Please show me exactly how this is not a lie, but is instead a 'reversal of policy'. Take as much time as you need, draw charts or figures if it will help. It should be most entertaining.
Jeep building cars in China is a GOOD THING for Jeep/Fiat, because EXPORTS, expanding markets, etc. Willard left that part out because the truth doesn't help his case.

Of course, more cars in China is bad for the planet.

@4: that's what i thought. it looks like a volare commercial from 78.
@5 Where are you getting this idea that voters are breaking for Romney? The polling data from the tipping-point states show a pretty solid but narrow -- more importantly, growing -- lead for Obama.…

Although I'm sure another 8 days of sniping over the language the President used to describe Benghazi will be Romney's golden ticket. Keep spreadin' the word!
@14: don't you know? 538 is gay propaganda.
@5: The difference between them is Romney was against government financing to allow the automakers to exit bankruptcy again. He suggested they could seek financing from private sources, but that was unlikely to be forthcoming because they were seen as a bad risk. So Romney's plan would have pretty much put them into liquidation.

As for your comments -- I've got no sympathy, really. The unions had to tear up their contracts and take substantial cuts. The bankers who got bailed out had to do no such thing, and in fact got bonuses.
@10 Everyone beat me to the relevant comments, so I'll just say this: the Benghazi thing is more fake outrage. We know you don't care about that incident, except as a way to hurt Obama. You see, the Bush admin have done horrible things, like ignoring warnings that Al Qaeda was likely to strike the US, deliberately de-funding the anti-terrorism agencies that were set up to prevent it (so he could send the money to his pork-cronies working on a "nuclear weapon shield.") None of this is conspiracy theory, it's all there in black & white.

There's also the blatant lie that Saddam had WMD. Also the craven & deliberate outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA agent, as retaliation for her husband demonstrating that Bush's evidence for invading Iraq was a cheap forgery.

I could go on for pages. The Republicans are beyond horrible when it comes to foreign policy. They are so bad, one can easily question their loyalty to America, as their decisions have constantly undermined our standing abroad, as well as helping to cripple our economy w/ unnecessary wars. I haven't even brought up where Reagan sold weapons to State Enemies, the actions of a traitor.

You can blather all you like, but the worst president America has ever seen was a Republican. Romney is campaigning on the very same ideology. You want to elect someone who would be no better, and most likely worse, than the worst president America has ever seen.

So I'll ask you again, and will for as long as you post here, Why do you hate America so much?
Wonderful post @17. I just want to highlight one thing you said: "...the Benghazi thing is more fake outrage. We know you don't care about that incident, except as a way to hurt Obama."

The people whom Gay Dude for Romney takes his marching orders from could not care in the least about Benghazi. And you've got to wonder who is so gullible and uncritical as to be swayed by this Benghazi thing. Do they stop to think?
* How does this affect my life or the security of the United States?
* Is the president supposed to have magical powers to prevent missile attacks against all our embassies? By this standard, Reagan did not deserve to be re-elected. Heck, by this standard, the president should have the magical ability to prevent any mass killings that happen across our country. Maybe the GOP should blame Obama for Aurora.
* Is any administration supposed to have perfect intelligence immediately in the wake of all hostile actions?
Combine this Benghazi bullshit with this commenter's obvious, verifiable, and laughable lying to back up Romney's lying about the auto bailout (a bailout which was started, BTW, by the Bush administration), and I have to wonder if these operatives like Gay Dude for Romney don't alienate more people than they win over.

I'll tell you, one of the great things about November 7 is going to be never hearing again from the likes of Gay Dude for Romney--well, until the next election cycle, at which time we'll be hearing from the likes of Gay Dude for Christie.
According to Bill Clinton, Obama told him "of all the things Governor Romney has said that probably hurts my feelings the most".…

Boo hoo hoo...
@19, Re yourpoint noting that GDFR and his ilk alienate any potential converts. I've explained it to GDFR too- his constantly being corrected here on SLOG and his utter lack of self-awareness paint a pretty negative picture of Republicans for everyone reading Slog. As one of the few Republican voices we are exposed to he is doing a great job painting a picture of all republicans as lying clueless hypocrites

I know not all republicans are as bad as GDFR but he is really making that hard to believe.

GDFR- Others here on Slog know when to quit and when to admit they were wrong.

Your credibility is about nil and you make your entire party look bad. Please do something about that.