A "Washington mom" dives into the thorny issue of pot legalization and kids:

We can keep pot out of kids' hands by regulating the marijuana industry, this ad says in a classic argument. Selling pot in stores requires buyers to show IDs, thereby undercutting the sell-weed-to-anyone black market that operates in schools. The 30-second spot then layers that message with the promise of millions of dollars from new tax revenue that will fund education programs about the risks of marijuana use—again protecting young people.

But it raises that "don't think of an elephant" problem. Like, if you weren't thinking about the connection between legalization and children before, you are now. And the oldest—but probably most effective—trope against legalization is that it's bad for kids. By bringing it up, it frames the discussion in a way that could concern "Washington mothers." On the other hand, this message that "pot is bad for kids" is already out there. So taking headlong stab at re-framing it couldn't hurt, right?