Did You See the Two Referendum 74 Volunteers in the New York Times Today?


The polls aren't close at all. They all have us at least 10 points up. WE GOT THIS.
I want to believe we got this but I won't until the votes are in.
Where are the latest polls?
Nice. I hope this makes you smile.

Snaps from Basic Rights Oregon's phone banking for Washington: http://www.flickr.com/photos/basicrights…

BRO's Reaching Out to Washington Voters with Vancouver's Mayor Tim Leavitt: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=…

We are with you. Chin up, Christopher.
It's good to be cautious and remain on the offensive, Christopher; but grab a handful of candy-corn and try to be half-full guy today!

It's going to pass. And even if it doesn't (which it will...deep breaths) the entire debate has fundamentally changed. The question that society is asking now is, what very good reason do we have to not allow same-sex marriage.

I'm no Fnarf, but I'm a lot older than most Sloggers. I can remember a time not that long ago when the even the most oblique mention of same-sex marriage was practically verboten in the public discourse.

It's going to get even better, Christopher.
We will pass this if, and ONLY if, King County bestirs itself to vote. If the 500-lb. gorilla of state politics has another weaksauce 30% turnout, we are fucked. On the other hand, even a 60% turnout in King County will swamp the sagebrush voters. What have each of you done today to encourage someone to get their ballot in? I'm harassing nearly everyone I know nonstop. ;-) VOTE. VOTE. VOTE, damn you!!! This one MATTERS.
I have been out canvassing every night this week and will continue all the way through the election. Central District, Madrona, North Cap Hill, Montlake. The only neighborhood I did not feel welcome in was Montlake. (Not sure what is going on with that 'hood).

Christopher, I too share your concern, and it's why I'm out there now. I want to do everything I can so I don't feel like I could've done more if we lose on Nov 6, especially if it's close. WE ARE NOT 10 POINTS UP IN THE POLLS, FOLKS! We are looking at a difference of probably less than a thousand votes.

I encourage you all who feel strongly and want to get involved to go canvass. The focus is on supporters and getting out the vote! I'm a shy miscreant by nature, but I've had my faith in people restored going around this city and talking to people. I'm really impressed with my city right now. I just hope we can do enough to win in a few days.

Don't give up! Volunteer! You can still make a difference in this race!
While I briefly shared your pessimism regarding R-74, Frizzele, I do think there is a lot of room for hope.

Yeah, the Elway poll was not altogether great, but Stu Elway has been off for years. He's just not as good as he used to be.

Mat Baretto, on the other hand, has been getting better and better. Looking at the most recent Washington Poll, along with its "Bradley Effect" calculus, as well as other polling data, I have hope. If you remember 2009, Referendum 71 (I remember that year and that election night very well) was in a similar position, if not worse, in the polls at this time. Yet, when the votes were counted, it ended up passing 53-47.

The Approve campaign has done a great job with the TV campaign. Washington newspapers, including the Seattle Times and the Stranger have done a magnificent job getting word out on why "Approve" is the right choice (and encouraging young, apathetic voters to get off of their asses and vote).

While I won't count my shit just yet, I hope you go into Tuesday with a bit more..well, a bit more hope that this will pull through.
I think having the president backing marriage equality will make the difference.
lol i meant misanthrope, not miscreant! although maybe both apply at times
I really think this is going to be one bit of good news on Tuesday when this passes next week.
If it were left to the popular vote neither women or blacks would have rights.
i think you are totally wrong - R74 will pass and there is no reason to worry. think of it this way - our chickenshit legislature approved it to begin with. remember those folks? they are always years behind the opinions of the electorate. so, if the majority of those folks were willing to do this, i have no doubt it will pass.
@7- you are awesome. <3
@7 & 10 -- were you out there tonight? I was. Man, I enjoy canvassing a lot more than phone-banking. Actual human interactions! With people who live near me! And are, generally speaking, on the right side of this issue!
Yes! I might have helped train you if you left from CHAC. Canvassing is awesome. Wish I'd recognized you, would've said hi. I was in Eastlake tonight disappointing folks looking for trick or treaters as well :). See you Monday!