Life After Sandy: At least 57 people are dead across the country and New Jersey is still battling fires and floods, but New York Mayor Mike Bloomburg rang in the NY stock exchange this morning, the airports reopened with partial service, and people hoofed to work during one of the longest commutes in history as the skies cleared and the sun shone down on Manhattan for the first time in days.

Romney Flips on FEMA: After vowing to "absolutely" defund the federal emergency agency for the past year, Romney's waterlogged campaign now says maybe they'll keep it.

Meanwhile, in Japan: A government audit of disaster relief and reconstruction funds from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami has found that the money was instead spent on "roads in Okinawa, an ad campaign for Japan's tallest building and support for whaling research."

House Arrest for Accused Seattle Rapist: Danford Grant, the lawyer charged with four counts of first-degree rape of several massage-therapists in Seattle, Bellevue, and Shoreline, will be released from King County jail and put on electronic home monitoring.

Profile of a Young Killer: The trial begins in the case of the 12-year-old boy who shot and killed his neo-Nazi father last year.

"A Sensible New Approach to Weight Control": Just one ad tactic in the sugar industry's successful seventy-year campaign to coax people into eating more sugar, which was launched just as doctors, scientists, and the media were linking sugar intake to chronic diseases.

The Anorexic Baker: One Seattle woman baked chocolate chip cookies and sold them online to help pay for intensive treatment for her eating disorder.

Lost His Battle with a Truck: The 88-year-old Queen Anne pedestrian who was struck yesterday afternoon by a dump truck has died. RIP.

And finally, Happy Halloween: