1. At the Frye in about an hour, there will be a presentation of "sound poems, simultaneous poems, and polyvocal compositions" as part of a sound poetry celebration. Readers include Interrupture, Four Hoarse Men, and "a vocal rendering of Kjell Hansen’s installation art." This is part of the Frye's Moment Magnitude show.

2. Cheap Wine & Poetry is tonight. If you're unfamiliar with the idea behind CW&P, it's simple: A selection of local poets—poets who have been proven to be very good readers—will read new work on the cabaret stage at the Hugo House. Wine will be on sale for a dollar a cup. The audience will get hammered and leave red-faced and happy. Tonight's readers are Sarah Galvin, Robert Lashley, Rose McAleese and Raul Sanchez. You will have a good time.

3. Lots of people like Jo Nesbø a lot. He's a Norwegian mystery writer whose books are about a former police officer named Harry Hole. Nesbø reads up at Third Place Books tonight. He's come a long way. Make it worth his while.

4. Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal fame, reads at University Book Store tonight. If you like cat humor, Iman's latest book, How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You, is probably for you. If you don't care either way about cats, this will seem like an especially unfunny outing. I guess that's true of most cat books, though.

5. We've got a readings calendar full of stuff happening tonight and into the future. Go check it out.