The final KCTS 9 Washington Poll came out this morning, and it shows Democrat Jay Inslee beating Republican Rob McKenna in the governor's race, 48.7 percent to 45.6 percent among likely voters.

It also shows marriage equality being approved 57.9 percent to 36.9 percent among likely voters. But, when the pollster, Matt Barreto of the University of Washington, adjusts for the likelihood that some poll respondents may not feel comfortable revealing their true opposition to marriage equality, the result is different.

With "social desirability bias" factored in, the Washington Poll has R-74 being approved at the polls by about 52 percent to 46 percent among likely voters.

Both of those results, it's important to remember, are potentially within the poll's margin of error. This Washington Poll surveyed 722 registered voters and 632 likely voters between October 18 and 31. Among likely voters, the margin of error was 3.9 percent. However, Barreto said it is pretty safe to call the R-74 findings outside the margin of error, because of the low probability that both the for and against findings would be off by 3.9 percent.

The poll also shows Obama clobbering Romney in Washington State (57-36 among likely voters); Cantwell clobbering Baumgartner (60-33 among likely voters); Ferguson beating Dunn in the AG's race (45-34 among likely voters, but with a large number of undecideds: 21 percent); Tim Eyman's 2/3-majority-requiring Initiative 1185 passing (52-37 among likely voters); the charter schools initiative, Initiative 1240, passing (56-38 among likely voters); and the marijuana legalization initiative, Initiative 502, passing (55-38 among likely voters).

There's a lot more in these poll results, and I'll post a deeper look at the numbers soon.