Unskewed Polls has announced their predictions for Election Day. You really should bookmark this page. They're predicting Romney will win the presidency with 359 electoral votes. Their electoral map is, as Charles just announced between hysterical outbursts of laughter, "pure fantasy," but I'm especially fond of their predictions of "some of the most surprising states."

Colorado: 54-45 Romney — a suprise for many still expecting Obama to carry Colorado
Connecticut: 51-47 Obama — closer than expected, and probably an indication that Linda McMahon wins the state's U.S. Senate seat
Florida: 54-46 Romney
Iowa: 54-46 Romney — many don't expect this
Maine: 49-49 Obama — much closer than expected
Michigan: 51-48 Romney — the surprise of the night, Romney's home state ties are more key than Obama's claims to have "saved" the domestic auto industry
Nevada: 52-47 Romney — this will surprise many
Minnesota: 51-47 Romney — this will surprise many

New Hampshire: 53-46 Romney
New Jersey: 50-49 Obama — much much closer than expected, the Romney campaign will re-allocate resources to New Jersey if they believe this number
New Mexico: 53-46 Romney — most don't expect Romney to win New Mexico
Ohio: 54-46 Romney — Late momentum and great ground game win the Buckeye state for Romney
Oregon: 52-46 Romney — major surprise
Pennsylvania: 53-47 Romney — big time upset
Washington: 51-49 Obama — closer than expected

I've got to hand it to them: Their reporting in this list is flawless. If Romney wins Nevada and Minnesota, those results certainly "will surprise many," and most don't expect Romney to win New Mexico. Great job, guys!

(Via Wonkette.)