So there is a place in Europe called Liechtenstein. It's a sovereign nation! It's smaller than Seattle and less populous than Bremerton, but it gets its own seat at the United Nations. Not that we're jealous! We're just sharing facts.

Microsoft wants to make sure that Halo 4, which launches next week, doesn’t get lost in the flurry of PR madness surrounding Surface, Windows 8, and all the other MSFT products launching this year*, so they sort-of took over the nation of Liechtenstein to create a greater-than-human-scale installation art piece. It's a PR move straight out of the Donald Trump guidebook: Make yourself too ridiculous not to talk about.

So here we are. Halo 4 is bigger than Liechtenstein, and that's all we've got left to say about it.

*Not to mention the IRL election, dramatic weather events, and autumnal sadness.

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.