This morning we got a call from slog tipper Janis Traven whose son is away at college on the East Coast. Unsurprisingly his ballot hasn't made it through Sandy's aftermath, so mom-of-the-year-Janis did some research. Turns out if you are a registered voter and haven't received a ballot but you still want to vote to approve Referendum 74, you have two options:

Print & Email
The King County Elections page will let you print out a ballot. Vote. Then scan the evidence of your democratic conscience and email it to

Print & Fax
If you're like me, you've probably faxed a total of 8 things in your entire life. But some people I guess don't appreciate the newer technologies for sending documents. If you are one of those people, print out your ballot and fax it to 206.296.4499

Wow that sounds so easy! Fucking do it.