Enter "Hail Obama"


He's taken away their feeling of superiority. "We were rulers of the world and now we are the ruled." How devastating for their little minds. They must feel crushed. Assholes!
If you click the Fox link, you will see that not only was this story fabricated from whole cloth, they chose a picture that makes Michelle look like both a gorilla and an angry Hitler-esque demogogue.

There is truly no bottom to how low they will stoop. Journalism is dead in this country, and we are all to blame. When journalism dies, democracy quickly follows.
The comments are also hilariously moronic, racist, and have a lot of that "locked and loaded" imagery that impotent, cowardly white guys like to espouse.
This is not even a campaign between Obama and not-Obama, it's a campaign between people who want to program the American people to do what they want without rational thought, and anyone who sees what they are doing.
All those people are absolutely convinced they're voting for Romney, but they don't know why. They have buzzwords and slogans, but they don't understand them. They don't know what it means to be a Muslim Athiest, so they cannot understand the idiocy of that position.
'the buddhists are coming into this country and taking away our freedoms'....the BUDDHISTS ?
Fox only reports news as it is, not as they want it to be.

That's meant as a joke, right? Nobody is that stupid, ri-- Oh, they're self-identifying as a teabagger. ...Nevermind.
I'm still waiting for the day when we have freedom FROM religion
Don't worry Charles. They'll be dead soon.
we now live in a nation where many people are mindless brainwashed paranoids ... does that make them zombies?

@5, well it's at least something new. I mean we've got to give them a quarter point for some level of creativity?
Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant.

Makes sense given the impending doom for Democrats on Tuesday...

(Hail, Caesar, we who are about to die, salute you. Spoken by gladiators entering the Coliseum.)
In the past, I have rarely agreed with you Charles, but during this election, I find myself constantly agreeing with you.

When the President was elected four years ago, I was shocked. Pleased, but shocked. I thought this country was too racist to elect a black president, even a half-black, Hawaiian-reared man. I was wrong and glad of it. I cannot imagine what shape this country would be in if McCain and the Republicans had continued looting in a sinking economy. We would not be calling it the Great Recession; we would be calling it the Greatest Depression.

However, during the ever long election process I have discovered racists everywhere who are against the President for no other reason than he doesn't look like them. I am horrified to discover how many white acquaintances don't care to listen to the facts of his presidency. If I push them, eventually it becomes clear they are voting for Rmoney because he is white and rich and he makes them feel more comfortable.

Generally, I end conversations with "well, when you are living in your car, remember you voted for Romney."

I read on the slog that Obama is an alien.
Clearly we need to start trending #RomneyIsLord.
The woman in that still from the video only makes me think of one thing:

"It's a trick. Get an axe."
this is racism
Just start tweeting "Hail Obama, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee". That will make some heads explode.

Fucking Buddhists
@6 - I believe this is the same Twitter feed that was encouraging conservative New Yorkers to refuse federal assistance of all kinds, saying YOU built that subway system, not the government, and YOU can get it running again. I'm pretty sure it's a joke, yes.
Yeah, Top Conservative Cat is a joke political account. It's not even one of the funny joke political accounts.
This is everyday life in Porterville, talking to people like this.

Reminds me of that famous patriotic song by that right wing hero Woody Guthrie, "this Land is My Land"

"This land is my land,
This land is my land,
From California
to the New Your Island
From the the Gulfstream Waters
To the Redwood Forest
This land was made for me me me!"
Obama deprived me of my freedoms! Just look at my hair! It used to be BLUE!
They're frustrated they can't say "nigger" in public any more.

But "Muslim" "Hitler" "Buddists(!!?)" don't have the same ring, so they hafta pile on the crazy ass analogies.
Education is the greatest enemy of the conservatives.