Lisa Dank, the local pop artist who's best known for walking off with someone's dog, is reeaaaaaaally angry at me, you guys.

Super Double Stoner Angry!

You see, Dank reportedly works for 4Evergreen Group, a company that writes authorizations for medical pot and has been running an independent expenditure campaign to oppose pot-legalizing Initiative 502. And Dank, who calls herself "Your HighNess, PotStar," is extra-frowny-face upset that I dared support I-502. Worse, I posted a video showing her peers at 4Evergreen getting wicked high on blunts—a video has since mysteriously been removed.

And so the wordsmith known as "Your HighNess, Potstar" had all this to say to me:


...which I guess in her addled mind proves all my points wrong, or something.

Don't cross Lisa Dank, ladies and gentlemen, or she might write nonsense about suffocating you with a giant "volcano" bag used to hold copious amounts of pot smoke. Or accuse you of lying—about being gay?—and suggest you suck a clit. Or correct your grammar. Or, you know, maybe steal your dog.