This morning, from the the National Organization for Marriage:

In the final days before voters go to the ballot box, the National Organization for Marriage and its partners are launching a major push to reach and mobilize 10 million voters with a positive message for marriage. The new campaign, with a budget of $500,000, involves robocalls to households in Maine, Maryland, Washington State, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The calls feature prominent advocates for traditional marriage and family, including Dr. James Dobson, Senator Marco Rubio and former Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Calls will be placed in both English and Spanish, targeting voters across the political spectrum who favor retaining the definition of marriage, which has characterized society for centuries.

I phone-banked to Approve R-74 earlier this week, and I gotta say—most people just don't answer their phones. The folks who do answer are fatigued by political messages. So I'm guessing that the vast majority of NOM's anti-gay calls are going to be robots leaving voice mails, and after they do, most people will delete them as soon as it's revealed as a political ad. So, yes, this is a big bigot blast, but I doubt it will have much impact.

Still, whoever gets one of these calls, can record it, and e-mails me the audio file, I'll post it on Slog. And love you forever.