Callers Target Democratic Voters, Urging Them to Vote for "Pro-Choice" Rob McKenna


That would probably be the republican dominated "Public School Employees" who are the only employee (prisoner) organization in Washington to endorse McKenna.

Their overlords hide their silly anti-worker agenda behind claims of support for McKenna's non-education plan.
That would probably be the republican dominated "Public School Employees" who are the only employee (prisoner) organization in Washington to endorse McKenna.

Their overlords hide their silly anti-worker agenda behind claims of support for McKenna's non-education plan.
Got a call earlier this week trying to persuade me that Rob McKenna was "pro-education." In fact, the caller (who was an otherwise-kind-sounding older gentleman) used the phrase "pro-education" at least six times. At the end, he asked me "Will you be joining me in voting for pro-education Rob McKenna?" My reply: "I most certainly will not."

For the life of me, I can't remember who sponsored the call. Sorry for that. But they are definitely using this tactic.
My understanding is that the entire database of registered voters, including phone numbers, is freely available to both parties; and that these types of calls are exempt from the national "Do not call" rules.

G.O.P. = Grand Old Phonies
I just got a slick flyer in the US mail listing Pro-Choice first among McKenna's supposed attributes. Made me furious.



McKenna is pro-choice, and wants to ensure that all pharmacies sell the morning-after pill.[22] As a general provision, McKenna would support legislation that would require parental notification before a minor obtains an abortion. "I'm like a lot of parents," McKenna said. "When your daughter turns 13 and the mom is kicked out of the examining room for anything related to reproductive health, it's troubling for a lot of parents."[23]
That sounds like something the "Mainstream Republicans" would put out... They purchased a $36,000 robocall IE for McKenna, Dunn, Finkbeiner, and Wyman.

I'm only aware of Finkbeiner being pro-choice.
McKenna's a geek.

Maybe you're confusing the AG with Rob McKenna, the "Quasi Supernormal Incremental Precipitation Inducer".…
Like almost all the Republicans this year, McKenna is a lying liar.
@6: IT ARE A FACT. I know it because I edited the Wikipedia article.
Considering Republican governorships generally lead to reckless and targeted purges of qualified voters, I'll pass on McKenna.

He clearly wants to be president (despite being far too creepy-looking to ever be president), so to get there, he'll do the party's bidding, and put his own aspirations ahead of the needs of his state.
Right after reading all this, we got one in Shoreline @ 5:45 PM. I was OUTRAGED! I kept this young woman who was urging us to support "moderate pro choice candidates like Finkbeiner and McKenna", on the line for a good long time saying: "How dare Rob McKenna pay you to spread lies about him through our phone", etc. She just wouldn't hang up. I went thru "you ought to go home and go to church tomorrow and plead for forgiveness". She finally hung up after I asked "You aren't pro-choice yourself, now are you? No more than Rob McKenna is. How dare you"!

This shows they are really hard up to blatantly lie.
@11 Wikipedia really should lock all politicians' pages for about 3 months before the election.

For whichever major party loses on Tuesday, it will surely self destruct. Conservatives in the Republican Party would never nominate another moderate. And if the Democrats loses, watch out, I think that maybe 50% of them (you) are in the Occupy style mind set, an extreme leftist one. It was just that Obama was able to curtail that wing by offering access to power.

So, only one party will survive the election and maybe one or two new parties born afterward.
I just got one of those calls too. I ranted for a bit, and then hung up. Can these possibly be having any effect?
I got one of these a few days ago. The caller was obviously in it for the money and not the ideology. I put in my best "Jeff Spucoli" stoner voice and told him to put down the bong. The republican tool on the other end of the phone line laughed and we both called the call off
My wife got one of the slick flyers listing McKenna, Kim Wyman, Bill Finkbeiner, James Watkins and Reagan Dunn as "Pro-Choice, Pro-Schools and Pro-Jobs". Paid for by the Mainstream Republicans of WA.
@17 - Brilliant.
Ass move by Inslee TV ad to try to tie McKenna to national GOP platform. That, and Inslee started the bashing/negative campaigning.

I don't like Rob, but he's the lesser evil.
20 - he tried to dismantle healthcare at the national level, why wouldn't he be tied to the national party?

Put down the bong dude - you've forgotten what the word "lesser" means.
McKenna is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is not pro-choice - just desperate enough to label himself as such in the hopes it gets him elected. If he does, then watch out Planned Parenthood and the teacher's unions. Not sure which he'll go after first - will he be a Rick Perry or a Scott Walker? Regardless, he'll be impacting women the most, as women make up the majority of the users of PP and the teaching profession. Those "chicks for Rob" should try scraping the egg out of their eyes so they can see a bit more clearly.
@15, Your political acumen is questionable, at best. The Republicans didn't nominate a moderate. Etchy was a hardcore right-wing nut bag, along with the rest of the clown posse during the primaries.
Canvassing today, I spoke with a Democratic voter who had voted for McKenna because he's "pro-education". Must be a Seattle Times reader. Apparently, endorsements matter.