Hello Dan Savage and the Tech-Savvy, At-Risk Youth,

Long time listener, first time dresser.

I've always been more of a podcast gal myself, but since moving to Seattle last month I have loved having the leisure of flipping through the Savage Love column and upcoming art events over a cup of coffee. And where before the Savage Love Cast was a cult favorite phenomenon, now it is a paper standard.

My favorite part of this get up was talking about GGG with nearly stranger that I encountered. They almost all said, "I know what means, but does it stand for?" While, sadly, no one asked me for relationship advice, I did get the opportunity to explain my favorite Dan Savage theories and wisdom. Thank you for giving voice to the notion that second-wave feminism took sexual freedom in the wrong direction with monogamy (hello divorce rate) and that while non-monogamy is not a mandate, it should be a discussable item, both in intimate relationships and society at large.

If you ever become more "enlightened" and "fall in love with people, not sex organs," you know where my crush lies.

Yours Truly

P.S. The mask says: "Well there's nothing you can't ask..."

P.P.S. We fucked first.

Photo of YT's sex advice column costume after the jump...