More drama from the 36th district (Ballard, Fremont Queen Anne, Belltown, etc.), where port commissioner Gael Tarleton and Washington Bus board member Noel Frame are duking it in a Democrat-on-Democrat race for a seat in the state legislature. (For previous drama, see here.)

Yesterday, Tarleton's people announced they would launch an investigation into "suspicious robocalls harassing 36th District voters while identifying themselves as part of her campaign."

Apparently, voters contacted the Tarleton campaign to complain that they'd gotten "up to a dozen calls" on Thursday night (some of the calls after 8 or 9 pm). "Voters who contacted our campaign were very clear that the volume of non-stop calls from the 720-number was relentless until they picked up the phone," said Sue Evans of NW Media Allies (Tarleton is one of her clients). "They were also upset that the calls occurred as late as 9 pm or later."

District voters are talking about the "venomous" and "incessant" phone calls over on this forum.

The calls have been traced to phone number 720-862-2044, area code Colorado, and a company called J2 Solutions. (There are a few J2 Solutions companies out there, and some operate call centers, marketing, and campaign services.)

Are the calls part of a Tarleton campaign screwup? (Accidents will happen.) Or are they, as Evans theorized, "dirty tricks" from Frame's people (and/or the independent organizations that are spending money to fight the Tarleton campaign)?

Hopefully we'll find out before Tuesday.

UPDATE at 6:11 p.m.: Frame's campaign consultant, Lisa MacLean, sent this statement to say they had no part in the robocalls: "The Frame campaign is not involved, and equally concerned about, this harassment. We have contacted about 1,900 voters since Thursday night and have not heard any reports of these calls. We are asking supporters to provide any additional information that could help determine the source."