Voting in Florida, as Always, Is a Clusterfuck


Hey, you know what could solve all their problems?

Well, how the hell else are republicans supposed to get elected?

All the minorities hate them, nobody believes a word they say, and their policies shit on everyone except multi-national corporations.

They have to cheat to win. They'd come in behind the commie-nazi party if they let people play fair.
I think we need to make some PSA's about how easy mail in voting is.

The day I voted I was home sick form work with gallons of stuff coming out of my nose. I filled out my ballot while watching TV shows; and I was also doing laundry.
Yeah. I heart vote by mail.
Ah, yes. Voter suppression is alive and well in Florida. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Man, I can't believe that many people were all lined up to vote for Pat Buchanan AGAIN. Uncanny.
Add me to the voices grateful for how easy voting is in this state. It's absolutely crazy how difficult it's made elsewhere.
I've never voted anywhere else in the US. I've been spoiled by the ease of mail in. I only got rained on a tiny bit when I walked out to my mailbox.
If all 50 states simplified presidential elections by allowing mail-in voting, the beleaguered USPS would raise $70 million dollars in the sale of stamps alone! Is there a downside?
Oh, and my mail-in ballot is made of paper! PAPER!!! If it ever comes down to it, actual humans can look at my actual paper ballot and clearly see the ovals I actually colored in! No trusting touch screens in need of calibration with my ballot!
The little town where I live has a population of about 20 thousand, and we've been processing 500-600 early voters a day. And Miami - Dade can only process 180 a day? Seriously?
@3: Exactly.
You understand that in America we are nit yet all ruled by some all encompassing national or state government, much as you centralizing Democrats would like. In a smart suburban republican county makes good moves for its people while decrepit urbs flounder...that is life.
@14, yeah, it would be a terrible thing if everybody had the same opportunity to cast their vote. You are a true patriot.
@14: 1/10 - traitorous nonsense.
14 are you a prison guard? live in a van down by the river? Or, just hate equal opportunity?
Seriously though - where's the oversight here? The courts, the feds, isn't there some kind of oversight here over the people who are clearly trying to rig the election in plain sight?
Even when we had poll voting I never waited more than 5 minutes. Why does Florida struggle with this? Is it really willful? I can't imagine why they don't simply open more polling stations.
People underestimate how poor local, Republican led governments are. I live in a metropolitan area of 6 million, and we don't have streetlights in some neighborhoods. Guess which neighborhoods are predominately black/latino? I think the lack of streetlights came first, before the demographics, but does it really matter?
@14, elections are run by the states. Is it too much to ask that every citizen in a given state have the same opportunity to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote?