Molly Moon's Baracky Road Ice Cream Does Not Benefit President Obama or Democratic Causes: What Do You Think?


Are you kidding me? There is no controversy here. It is a play on words and nothing else. I bought it. It was delicious. Nothing was misleading. I don't expect Mollly Moon's philanthropy or political donations to be tied to the names of her ice creams.
Should have used a Theo's Chocolate Congo Bar ...
You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with story. You are the last person that should be giving any business advice.
Pretty sure there's more important shit going on than whatever the fuck is happening at the ice cream shop.
Weak! If nobody is profiting, what's the scandal? Moving on...
Oh, Citizens of Slog... why do you never seem to know when you are being trolled?
I also heard the City Market doesn't actually have the permission of the various celebrities depicted on its sandwich board. They don't get a penny!
In related news, every time you buy vanilla ice cream, the Mormon church baptizes one of your dead ancestors.
I urge you to cease the manufactured outrage and shut the fuck up.
How about a "Constant Whinger" flavor - maybe tofu laced with bongwater, road gravel and cat poop?

I know, I know, it's against the law to sell ice cream with cat p[oop in it . . . just like it's against the law for a corporation like Ms. Moon's to contribute to a federal campaign.

I suppose they could toss a scoop of sprinkles to one of the superPACs. Do you want them skimming your ice cream money to feed the superPAC ecosystem? Well, do you?
excellent reporting there, chubbs
I like ice cream.

Now where's my "I Voted!" sticker?
Great story. Now I'm gonna go pinch a loaf, so this stuff better be cleaned up before the warden gets back.
Can't...tell...if trolling...
Next you'll be telling me the proceeds from all those Monte Cristos I've ordered don't help get that poor merchant sailor back on his feet after paying his debt to society.
I think Molly already did more for Barack when she testified, repeatedly, at length, in favor of Obamacare and its effect on small businesses, than any amount of sticky coins and dollar bills could do.
The beauty of having no profit is that this story could easily be rewritten as "Molly Moon donates 100% (with 10,000,000% matching) of proceeds to Obama with sales of Baracky Road, also to Romney, and to Ron Paul for good measure"
can't wait for this election to be over.
I first tried that flavor a few months ago, and it never occurred to me that the proceeds would go to the Democrats. It was pretty tasty, although I'm not a fan of nuts in ice cream.
@12 they were handing out I Voted stickers with Cupcakes on W Day.

You snooze, you lossszzzzzzzzz ... ooh, sugar overdose.
I'm just disappointed that this wasn't part of an ice cream poll to see whether people liked the Obama or Romney flavor more. Maybe it was too hard to come up with a bland, uber-profitable, flavor-changing ice cream?

That said, I'm sad that I cannot eat Baracky Road as I am allergic to hazelnuts. Buh.
My opinion of Mr. Constant has declined somewhat over the course of this election.
@13 What a film.
'tWould be better if their mallows were hoof and snout-free, but props for not calling them marshmallows since they don't use the plant root.

It seems their giving is more local than political.
I would never assume that proceeds from an ice cream cone were going to benefit any political cause unless that was explicitly stated.
@16 Fnarf is right. Molly Moon has a history of community and progressive activism, and has fought for, among other issues, paid sick days and health care. She a GOOD citizen. So, yeah, pick a better target.
I generally like your writing Paul, but you really stepped in this one. There is no special reason for MM to do anything more than they already have...
Donate a nickel to School House Baracky's campaign for every scoop of Baracky Road you sell. Was that so hard?
If they are going to make a Baraky Road then they need to make Mint Romney Chip flavor!
In my all time top ten... sometimes my top five too, depending on my mood.
I was equally shocked to learn that Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben never saw a dime of my syrup and rice money.
This is a really useless article. "Local business lady makes ice cream, courageous journalist has the heart to remind everyone that non-profitable things aren't worth the time of said business lady who specifically said this wasn't about money"

Pro-tip unless someone specifically says at the point of you giving them money that the money is going anywhere but the materials you bought and the labor you used then you probably don't deserve to capitalism.
It certainly lends an air of confusion to have her do this while surrounded by other businesses (Cupcake Royale, for one) who put out their special flavors with a purpose.
Now I kind of want some ice cream.

#29 and it could be money green!

Writers at The Stranger have a nasty tendency to rip holes in local businesses for their small perceived faults. Demonize a local business that's already extremely active in the community for not donating money to a campaign? I don't really understand what this post is trying to get at, but if it's a joke, the humor has missed it's mark.