For the last two months, Seattle chain Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream has been selling Baracky Road ice cream, a mixture of organic dark chocolate, "artisan" vanilla bean marshmallows, and organic hazelnuts. One would think that an election-season ice cream whose name plays off a Democratic president in a very Democratic part of the country would have some sort of a fundraising element. Seattle lefties love buying goods that donate some amount—no matter how small—to good causes. But if you bought a scoop of Baracky Road ice cream thinking that a sliver of the proceeds went toward the Democratic Party or the president's reelection campaign, you were mistaken. In an e-mail to The Stranger today, Molly Moon confirms via e-mail:

the sad story about a flavor like Baracky Road is that there are no proceeds! it's not a profitable flavor given all the delicious (expensive) ingredients that go into it. it's just a fun and super tasty show of support, but not related to campaign donations in any way.

While it's nice of Ms. Moon to put out flavors of ice cream that earn absolutely no profit, I would urge her to find a more successful business model.

Some would argue that the president is basically public property, and that businesses can do whatever they want with a president's name. But others might argue that this ice cream is misleading. We'll leave it up to Slog to decide!