While we all gear up for tonight, ready to celebrate the election results/wail and gnash our teeth about the election results, why not do something nice?

In New York, the Occupy movement has been occupying Sandy, leading the charge to help folks who are still in deep water/deep shit:

So how did an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, best known as a leaderless movement that brought international attention to issues of economic injustice through the occupation of Zucotti Park in the financial district last year, become a leader in local hurricane relief efforts? Ethan Murphy, who was helping organize the food at St. Jacobis and had been cooking for the occupy movement over the past year, explained there wasn’t any kind of official decision or declaration that occupiers would now try to help with the hurricane aftermath. “This is what we do already, “ he explained.

If you want to pitch in and do something useful instead of just wringing your hands, check out the Occupy Sandy site for real-time updates on what they need. Items requested as of now: blankets, candles, flashlights, food, batteries, diapers (adult and children's), wipes, gloves, masks (rated at least N95), rubber boots, shovels, warm clothes (gloves, jackets, etc.), and more. "General" clothes are apparently not needed at this time. Just the warm stuff.

People helping each other. That's what it's all about.