Election Night Texts Between Strangers


thanks. i <3 this.
That Is Beautiful. Thanks Renee!
That is fantastic! Thank you for sharing this sweet synchronistic moment!

(I've just given up on eyeliner today - I can't seem to stop the happy tears... :-)
Now kiss...
That's fuckin' adorable.
Love this story.

Side Note - If you add about 15 pages of monologue, a phone interview, and two instrumental tracks from The Album Leaf, this could totally be Act II on an episode of This American Life.
Who would have imagined AT&T would still be in business four years later?

Better reception too.
"Who is this?" is my favorite response for any and all texts I receive that contain sentiments heartfelt, remorseful, or anything of an extremely personal nature. I'm not enough of a dick to let it ride for more than a few minutes, but I'm terrible enough to think it's funny.
Sweet story!
I loved it...so sweet :)
So Cameron (a male, I assume) sends an all caps "I love you" to his older brother because a black president was elected?

My assumption is Cameron is an older black male who has an older brother that was on his death bed in 2008 and was happy he got to see a black president elected before he passed.

Or his older brother is gay and had recently come out to Cameron so Cameron wanted to reaffirm that he loved his brother no matter his lifestyle choice and that Cameron assumes his brother must be happy a president who believes in equality was elected in 2008.

While my brother (14 years older than me) and I are close, we rarely send I love you texts except for in the case of family deaths, or impending serious weather events. Maybe Seattle is different!

Do others have thoughts on the scenario taking place between Cameron and his older brother?
I'm calling bullshit. In early November 2008 we had iOS 2.1, at best.

Battery percentage was added as a feature first seen on the…, which was released in June 2009.

I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think iOS 2 used the location services icon, either.
So the movie version will star Jason Segel and Rachel McAdams, right?
made me laugh and cry. good times.
How cute!
Awwww. Hooray to western civilisation. A friend from Kochi, India forwarded this link to me. I checked email on American Airlines AA309 from Chicago O'hare to San Jose. The gogo wifi in the sky is wonderful.

Rombha Nanri Kunju
Isn't it possible that she could've voted Romney?
So are you gonna meet him?
@9 Hah! Well, arguably I was wandering about through the Showbox and downtown Seattle where there are a few dark holes in 2008 and this year I was in one place with a solid signal. But yay for signal boost anyway.

@15 Not bullshit. I took the screen shot on election night this year, so it's the current iOS, obviously. I kept the original messages in the text queue. I didn't really want to keep a screen shot in my images for four years.

@19 Awesome! :)

@20 Possible, but no, I did not.

@21 Maybe?

I'm glad people enjoyed this as much as I did.
I want these two to meet!! If there isn't a romantic spark there, you two need to be best friends!!! Then blog about it... :P (Ok, so that part isn't as necessary, but I'd follow that blog)
this is so amazing!! I couldn't hold back the tears. What a touching and truly human moment of pure connection.
OH WAIT, no it isn't! Strangers (from the same area code) were able to fumble through an accidental digital interaction for a few lines of text message because they have something in common, being two people in a pool of (at least) 52 million who were happy with the 50/50 outcome of the most prominent event in the entire nation!!!!
So if you kept the original text in the queue, that means you've had the same phone for four years. You do know you're eligible for an upgrade, right?
Can you guys please meet??
@25 I am currently on my third phone as I upgraded the original and then totally smashed that one running to catch a bus. I also missed the bus. *sad face* Your messages transfer with phone upgrades, just back it up and you're good to go.
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irony ftw