Red State commenter Sybile was nice enough to aggregate many of Red State's most egregious Romney win predictions into a single post. Let's take a look at some of those, shall we?

Yes…that’s right…the “great” Paul Krugman, writing for the New York Times, is calling anyone who thinks the election doesn’t currently reflect an impending Obama blowout STUPID.

And who does Krugman cite in defending his oh-so-brilliant assertion? Why it’s none other than fellow left-wing pundit, Daily Kos blogger and poll cherry-picker, Nate Silver.

In other words, according to an Obama acolyte relying on the prediction of another, Obama is winning big…and anyone who doesn’t recognize this is…STUPID.

Some foolishly think the Tea Party has disappeared. That it was nothing more than a temporary flash in the pan. Nothing more than a way for frustrated Americans to ventilate their grievances and move on. But they are so wrong....If I had to say where I think we are in terms of winning this war, I would wager that we may be about a fourth to a half of the way there.

I’m looking forward to the election next week. It is one of the most substantive ways we measure our progress.

1. Race...many whites will not tell pollsters they are voting against Barack Obama for fear of being labeled a racist...2. Enthusiasm: The overwhelming majority of polls that have been run over this election cycle have greatly oversampled Democrats while simultaneously undersampling Republicans...3. Hurricane Sandy: The aftermath of hurricane Sandy will not be good for Barack Obama...4. Undecided voters

There are so many more, including: