Here Are a Collection of Romney Win Predictions from Conservative Bloggers


It's like one of those what-if/bizarro scenarios like where Nazi Germany won WWII...
I like the line in the linked-to post

"Romney could not even win his home state, his second home state, or his vacation home state."
HIdden underswelling... snerk
If the hidden underswelling lasts for four or more hours, see a doctor.
Well, with Nate Silver's prediction being 100% accurate this time around, perhaps there is something to that whole "rigorous statistical analysis" thing over the traditional "biased gut feeling."

What was commenter Mister G saying over and over before election day? That Silver was simply telling liberals what they wanted to hear and they were only too happy to drink the kool-aid? That historical models showed that an Obama victory was impossible?
It is both entertaining and disturbing reading the comments over at Red State.
And locally, Chris Vance on Crosscut:

"The elections for president and governor will be close."…
Oh I should add that I'm not comparing the GOP to Nazi Germany. It's just the example that came to mind...

Most of these posts are already en-route to The Memory Hole, and by this time next week you won't find a single GOP pundit who will admit to having uttered them.

Never mind that you can back-link to them ad infinitum; these are people who simply ignore any piece of factual evidence that doesn't already reflect their preconceived world-view, so why would they treat their own words any differently?
Man, what a bunch of Sore Winners.

Dems won hands down!

Repubs made racist, sexist dinosaur fools of themselves.

Congrats, Obama.
How did the green party not win I don't even
Keep you mouth closed and leave people wondering if you're an idiot or open up and remove all doubt.
The part that really makes me laugh is the fact that this is the closest the Republicans are going to come, with this platform, for all eternity. It only gets worse from here, GOP.
Yes, that's exactly how I would describe the national perception of the Tea Party: a group composed of "frustrated" Americans attempting to to ventilate their "grievances". Uh huh.
Here's an excellent article on the farce known as the Right Wing Media.…
Somebody still reads "Crosscut"??
Bitter wingnut tears taste the sweetest.
Red State comments don't hold a candle to the angry, bitter rants at the Wall Street Journal.
My favorite bit of post-election Facebook tantrum thus far:

So, we have proven conclusively that if an incumbent president spends four years campaigning at taxpayer expense, he doesn't even need to have a successful record at all to beat a challenger that has a proven track record of outstanding leadership.

Welp. We're done.
Bailo, it's not sore winning. It's celebrating reason over the "clap your hands if you believe in fairies" approach to politics.
In the linked post, Erickson's arguing that Romney lost because he wasn't a real conservative. It will be entertaining if the Tea Party crowd spends the next few years trying to purge the party, resulting in fewer but crazier conservatives.
I've been loving these allllllll day. Thanks.