I'll admit it: I had a post-election freakout of my own, involving a temporarily paralyzing wave of relief and happiness and gratitude at my fellow citizens for upholding gay marriage (in all four states!), punishing rape idiots (both of them!), and electing a bunch of awesome women (Elizabeth Warren! Tammy Baldwin! Claire Mccaskill!) and one at least one awesome man (Obama!).

But my post-election freakout can't compare to the freakout of the woman who was so angry at the reelection of Obama that she posted to YouTube this amazing 24-minute tornado of cuss words, death threats, and furious tips on the proper use of Facebook.

By the time she gets to bragging about her butterscotch schnapps and instructing those who oppose her to "eat me," you'll be wracked by laughter and amazement. Good work, crazy lady!