When and How Will Gay Marriages Start in Washington State?


I love that there's a 3-day waiting period for weddings here, but no waiting period for buying a gun.
I hope the Governor officiates at the wedding!
so, folks who were married elsewhere still have to get re-married here or are their marriages now recognized as legal here?
#3 Marriages outside WA are recognized by WA. That's the beauty of marriage, Unlike Civil Onions or Domestique Partnerships which most states don't recognize and are there fore next to useless.
As a ordained minister at the Universal Life Church I'm planning on trying to Marry as many as I can. Doing it for free and setting up at a bar somewhere.
I propose free marriage day on December 9th.
So the law states that couples currently in domestic partnerships can apply for a marriage license. (If they do not do that, their DPs will automatically convert to marriages as of June 30, 2014.) Does anyone know if domestically partnered couples who apply for a license will have to pay for it, since they've already previously paid to register a DP?
As a straight guy & out-of-stater I'm ignorant and curious... Is there any follow-up or challenge for the wingnuts to pursue? (I'm sure they'll call for a re-count, of course.) Any way they can try to get it into the courts for an appeal or anything? Will they be legally able to propose another referendum anytime soon?
So, if you got married legally in BC, Canada, you can register it on 12-6-12 here.
@8 depends.

contract law does not normally permit the undoing of legal contracts.

At most they could rescind it from a set date forward.

But .. they are bat shit crazy, so ...
#8 It would be similar to Prop 8 in CA if they tried to undo this vote. After Dec 9th there will be marriages taking place. The state generally can not undo a civil contract between two parties, only the parties can get such a divorce. I doubt the NOM will bother to take this to court as the US Supreme Court in now think whether to tackle the matter out of California. Good question.
Somewhere the heads of Loveschild, Seattleblues and Free-Verse-And-Royal-We Troll are collectively exploding.
My husband and I were married in California and have an RDP here.(We were married before Washington started recognizing out of state marriages as RDPs)

Do we have to do anything to have Washington recognize our marriage here immediately?
@7: yes, you'll have to pony up another $64, unless you wait the two years and let the DP roll over.
So, who's going to be first? I still get teary-eyed thinking about Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin being the first in San Francisco, after 56 years as a committed couple. Surely we have a few longtime couples who've been waiting and working for this for decades, who deserve the honor. Just tell me when and where, and I'll be there with a big ol' bucket of rice to throw!
Just, please, restrain yourself. No Christmas themed weddings, not ringbearing elves, no officiating Santas.

We all have to live with those photos forever.