Ken Schram Says People Who "May Actually Be Pedophiles and/or Perverts" Could Be Posing as Transgender to Hang Out in Women's Locker Rooms


Ken Schram is, in fact, a professional troll who goes out of his way to get a reaction from people.
I've seen more polished segments put together by high school audio/visual clubs.
Where's the Schrammie for the 99 tunnel btw?
There was a great presentation at my son's preschool last year about transgender issues in school. Turns out one of the biggest problems administrators seem to have is the issue of bathrooms. Do you force the trans girl into the boy's room, or face the parental outrage of letting a born-male girl into the girls' room? The cases mentioned solved this in the correct way, by spending a lot of effort communicating with and educating parents, but it didn't sound easy to get to that point.

Trolling like this is sure to make this much harder to do.
the recipient of the schram thing in this story…
later killed himself…
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I can't watch the video, so I won't comment on it, but I'm sure the little girl in the women's locker room wasn't really concerned about the lady's gender (as opposed to sex) when she had a big cock in her face.
KIRO covered this back on October 5th.

I can't imagine how that this became an issue again in early November... Is there anything that happens around this time that might be impacted by scary stories about queer men trying to harm your children?
Sorry pal, you can't expect anyone to see your point if you're going to belittle the discussion with Mrs. Doubtfire jokes. I think this is an issue that deserves serious debate, and you're not helping Schrammie.
I don't care what anybody says. If there's a guy in the girls locker room, arrest him. It doesn't matter to me what he's wearing or not wearing. Jail!

That's exactly how it went down too.
@10 We're not talking about a guy in the girl's locker room. We're talking about a woman that happens to have man parts. You're going to force her into the men's room?
@2 - I've seen more polished segments produced by an anus.
I'm not sure why this is being presented as a no-brainer. I don't want trans women to have to use the boy's locker room, but it also seems perfectly reasonable to not want young girls (or any females for that matter) exposed to unexpected penises. The video may be ridiculous, but the issue isn't.
Young girls often go into men's restrooms with their father's and/or brother's, so how is this different? And it was a COLLEGE locker room; maybe they should ban little girls from being in grown-up areas if they're not mature enough to deal with other people.
@15 Using the appropriate facilities is a right. Not being offended is not a right. I am sure lots of whites where uncomfortable with black people using the same lunch counters too.
Suppose someone had an offensive tattoo you didn't think kids could see. Should that person be kicked out of the locker room? And that would be a choice. This woman was born trans and it is a fundamental part of who she is.
I think @15 has it completely right.
so, shrill whiny transphobia from a Seattle-area pundit? isn't that usually Dan Savage's job?
Why would seeing a penis be damaging to a "young" girl (she was 17 by the way) and not a boy?
Why would a pedophile hang out in an adult's locker room, and how do we distinguish a "pervert"? I'm guessing this video will answer none of these questions, but I would like to compliment the use of helvetica x red on beige in that screen capture.
So about the Schrammies, If you win one, do you get that bobble head? If so I am going to try and bait him into awarding me a Schammie. He's kinda predictable, so I bet I can do it in under a year.
Aw. He's like our own little PNW version of Andy Rooney. Except not as entertaining. And dumber. Which is saying a lot.
This actually brings up an issue that I've always had in regards to transgender issues.

How can you tell when someone is a woman who just happens to have male parts as opposed to a male who wants to leer at women's parts?

The best I would imagine can be done is that it is observed in the breach, meaning that if you catch a person leering then they are most likely a male who wants to leer.

However, if that is the case then we have to ask ourselves which is more important. People of whatever gender feeling safe from being leered at or people feeling safe surrounded by their gender of choice?

Though I will admit this is something that I struggle with forming a good opinion on.
@25 Are you completely discounting the women who might want to leer at other women? We live in a society where we don't generally leer at each other in the locker room. If we do, that's the problem - not the physical gender of the person doing the leering.
By the same logic, men should not be allowed into the same bathrooms as boys. Maybe they are just there for "...nothing more than seeing or being seen..." Same could apply to women to. I guess it's finally time for age-segregated public restrooms.
It's FUCKING EVERGREEN, Trans people go there. Trans people use the facilities. If you can't handle it don't go. And if you do go and have a problem, shut the fuck up about it.

Jesus fucking christ, they act like it happened in a kindergarten class. These are adults were talking about, 18 years old. Grow the fuck up.
@26 My apologies. I would agree that is also a problem that is equally hard to address.
@22 You can usually tell by the way they dress. If they dress like a Catholic priest or Boy Scout leader or Penn State coach, then the odds are pretty good they're a pedophile.
What would we poor little girls do without all these men to look out for us and "protect" us from other penises.
What @15 said. Ridiculous video, but this subject is not a no brainer. And this issue is in need of discussion.

I heard about this story a few weeks back here;…

and I have noticed some debate on sex vs. gender is going on here;


Your precious snowflakes have already seen everything you don't want them to see. They've already heard everything you don't want them to hear. They've already done everything you don't want them to do.

Your kids have already grown up. Please do the same.
I'm with @28 on this one. Please, there's someone at Evergreen who's never seen a transgender person? REALLY? Besides, I'm quite sure if this were 1958, there'd be people making the same lame sorts of excuses about how uncomfortable it makes them that the "colored people" use the same toilets. Thankfully, we've moved beyond THAT idiocy - maybe we can move on to accepting that transgender persons are not men in drag, they are not pedophiles and perverts, and they should not be forced to use the restroom of the gender with which they do not identify.

I've never really gotten the restroom freakouts anyway. Doesn't everyone pretty much grow up in a household where they share a bathroom with siblings or other family members with differing parts?

Evergreen shares its locker rooms with a high school and a swimming club that young children apparently belong to.
Among many questions I have, one that sticks out is: what do transmen do? Do transmen use men's locker rooms and bathrooms, or do they use the women's facilities? For a number of reasons and based on a few anecdotes, I suspect they use the latter, in which case it seems like gender is getting divided along two lines: cisgendered men and everyone else. Am I the only one who sees a problem with that?
Wow. How homophobic of him. Maybe he is jealous and wants to be the pervert he fantasizes about. Of course, if a woman felt like someone was not being respectful in a locker room, she would say something. It's also nobody's business what is in anyone else's underwear unless one is becoming consensually intimate.
Gotta say that I agree with 15 here! The video is obviously ridiculous, but this issue itself seems like a difficult one. I wonder if one solution would be to provide some private stalls/private showers - not perfect, but maybe an improvement over the current situation. I feel like acting like this is no big deal is pretty dismissive of all the women out there who have been victims of sexual assault and may be rightly freaked out by suddenly seeing a penis in what they perceive to be a single-gender area. And if I were a parent, I probably wouldn't want my kid randomly seeing a stranger's penis either (dad/brother is really, really different). Bottom line is, in a naked-person situation, it's going to be impossible to tell what 'gender' someone is when they've got a penis hanging out there, and given the context of sexual violence against women in our society, it's not hard to imagine while many women and girls will be really uncomfortable.

Note - I think this is really, really different from general bathroom issues where there is no public nudity. In that case, presumably no one is the wise and I don't see the issue.

I'm a cisgendered, straight, traditionally attractive male and I've felt intensely uncomfortable in men's locker rooms. I can hardly blame anybody who deviates from the norm at all for feeling the same.

I think a lot of people agree that men's behaviour in places where they think they are safe from criticism is a huge problem.
The woman in question was in the sauna when she was seen - and I've been in that sauna, children aren't allowed in that sauna, so I'm questioning WHO saw what...

@35 - The high school and the swim club use the facilities due to Evergreen's generous choice to open their facilities to the community. Those people know what kind of place Evergreen is - their sense of entitlement and different values than Evergreen is what should be at issue.

It's times like these that I am even more proud to be a Greener.

P.S. You capitalize "the" in The Evergreen State College (TESC).

I can understand why both transmen and transwomen would prefer to use women's facilities and take part in women's activities. Transmen because they aren't regarded as "real" men, and the risk of being the victim of anti-trans violence is too great. (Women don't exactly have a track record of beating, raping, or murdering transgender people.) And transwomen because that's who they are, and also anti-trans violence.

But we still seem to be heading in the direction of: cisgendered men and everyone else. And that everyone else is getting lumped into women's spaces is just something that cisgendered women have to suck up and deal with (according to the commenter @17 and 18).
@38 agree.
As a trans woman living in Seattle I'd just like to thank everyone here for supporting our community. Seattle has recently become a city that seems to accept it's trans populace and celebrate them along with the rest of our diversity. Trans people know it's complicated, we are not unaware, one does not transition in a vacuum. The future has trans people in it, no matter what, and the smart thing to do is figure out how to make that work. Luckily, Seattle is a pretty smart town.

This woman obviously did nothing wrong. This video is not only obviously disgusting, but should give pause to anyone who finds themselves agreeing with it's sentiment.
Considering that my trans friend (who presents male and is leaning that way now) was nearly raped in a womens bathroom by a man who security watched follow them in there, I would say we need to do a lot more to promote trans rights than worry that a teenager might see a trans woman's pee pee.
OK a little Trans101. When we use the restroom of our chosen gender, it is because we need to pee (or poo). When we use the locker room of our chosen gender, it isn't to leer at naked girls. It is to get dressed (or shower or go to the restroom...). The bathroom thing is a dog whistle the other side likes to use on Trans folks now that it no longer works on gay men.
#36 - I use a guy's locker room because I am a guy. My wife uses the women's locker room because she is a woman.
Did you know Ken Schram condemned his son to a prolonged and painful death in the early 1980's because his church believes a burst appendix should be cured by praying?

Jon Schram was a friend of mine. RIP.
Not to mention trans women are at far higher risk of assault when around cismen in a locker room or bathroom. I think a trans woman in a city hall said it best, "Sometimes I just have to pee."…

The boogeyman callouts and "I'm really just uncomfortable with a potential for dongs" is so exasperating for me! I swear, I am not trying to flash anybody, I just want to go swimming. By all means, chip in for my surgery if you want to rid the world of the evil evil penis, but there's a point where a trans woman has been on hormones for two years and looks totally like a lady with the exception of bottom surgery. Would you have this woman use a male locker room just because you're uncomfortable?…
"I wonder if one solution would be to provide some private stalls/private showers - not perfect, but maybe an improvement over the current situation."

Because, there aren't any ?

The swimming pool I go to has no male/female separation : it's all individual changing stalls and one big common shower area. Males and females shower together, wearing their bathing suits. To wash your privates you put your soapy hands inside your bathing suit. Nobody's naked and nobody leers. Problem solved.

Mixed-gender restrooms with stalls would also solve the toilet problem. We all have to pee, male and female, cis or trans. Why should we segregate according to gender in order to do so ?

Besides, it would also help single mothers with sons. I hate having to let my teen son out of my sight and hearing in public restrooms - it's not safe. But he's too old now to get into the women's room with me and the younger ones. This male/female segregation is really, really dumb for everybody.
Today's short attention spans are amazing. Some of you may remember that a primary reason to uphold "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was that fear-mongering Neanderthals argued gay men and women would turn military barracks into hard-breathing brothels... Even FOX News has not had any such stories in this first year since the law was repealed.
As a trans woman who had to endure years of processing various IDs, go through hundreds of gatekeepers before I could get my surgery, I can assure you that despite my lesbian orientation I was never excited about having sex in a public bathroom. But then, I am not Catholic. Before anyone makes crazy accusations, I invite you to walk a mile in my size 14 heels....
Gosh, has anyone told that poor man that he's just recycling tired old transphobic arguments from second-wave feminists? I mean, it's on tape and everything, someone should really tell him before he makes another embarrassing gaffe.
Can we just section bathrooms off by age? Does that cause all sorts of other problems? Why do we even care so much who the person next to us taking a dump is. If a child is young enough to be scared by a trans person they should need an escort with them, don't some places have family bathrooms? Let's get some of those to protect the children? Or something?
Wait a tick. Several of you seem to be arguing I as a male with a dick should be able to use female facilities simply because it is my whim to identify as a female. Yes. That's what many of you are implying or even directly arguing in the weird name of tolerance.

Please qualify your statements before allowing me to do what i proposed and being arrested.
You're taking Schram's ridiculous, homophobic, gender minorities might be child molesters baiting and losing a more important point he does indeed make. Any human with a penis that appeared reasonably to penis to the average person would be arrested in 99.9% of settings if they used a female locker room. Evergreen apparently doesnt follow this policy and that is weird to me, sorry. The pedophile thing ruins his whole argument, and its a shame, and he is a horrible person because he finds slivers of truths then makes sure no one else will ever be able to see them because he's such a horrible person.
Have single-user restroom and changing facilities available. That way preoperative transsexuals who feel uncomfortable about it can have some privacy, and paranoid pearl-clutchers can go in there themselves if they feel worried about the possibility of transsexuals using the regular changing room.
@53: Generally speaking, people don't transition on a whim. Have there been actual cases of men dressing as women only to go into a women's locker room and sneak a peek? I don't think so, but if you can find evidence of some examples, I'm open to them.