I'd been working on an analysis of election returns to try to discern if there are any trends that might reverse a handful of close statewide races, but N in Seattle filled his spreadsheet faster than me, so for the moment, I suggest checking out his post over on HA:

  • Governor — not much has changed. Jay remains in the lead, but Rob still has a chance. Maybe even a slightly greater chance than he did after Tuesday’s count.
  • Referendum 74 — Approved stretches its lead. I think the marriage-equality supporters have every right to claim victory.
  • Secretary of State — Wyman tiptoes a bit farther ahead, but it’s still much too close to call

I concur with everything N writes. But it's important to emphasize that yesterday's smaller than expected King County drop skews the statewide results towards the Republicans. King County only comprised 24.7 of yesterday's results; it will ultimately account for about 30 percent of the final tally. That's a big difference.

Looking at past turnout performance and current turnout projections it sure does look like the only statewide race in play is Secretary of State, with the edge clearly going to Republican Kim Wyman. But I'll continue to look for race-changing late-voter trends as the data comes in.