Coming to the Midnight Screening of HUMP!?


I suppose one reason to go is to avoid getting blackmailed by internet hackers.…
Someday, someday...
HUMP! is great fun. Went to opening night on Thurs and had a great time. Recommend to any and all.
Perfect way to celebrate a perfect Election Week.
RUMPY PUMPY: short cartoon animation of colored dicks and pussys. short and simple. good for the open, but really nothing. 5/10

HOT N' SAUCY PIZZA BOY: just 2 guys fucking on a couch. no really dialogue, no interesting shots. they try to have something happen by showing its the pizza guy, but they dont do anything with it. 2/10

WHEN YOU WANK UPON A STAR: this one tried to tell a story. nerd watches his fav porn, and the pornstars come to life. this vid fails though, as soon as they come to life nothing happens, and the girl leaves and the guys sit and talk. they tried, but the video just doenst go anywhere. 5/10

BEYONDEEP: 2 girls run through the forest as crap music plays for about 1 minute. then they fuck in a dark van. the light is terrible, and the shots aren't even focused or in the shot correctly. no ending, no really angles of the sex. 2/10

D&D ORGY: another vid that has an idea, but does nothing with it. we get about a minute of people sitting around rolling dice while saying stupid pus about fantasy and d&d, then a few minutes of what i guess is suppose to be sex. there is some slight nudity, but mostly everyone just rolling all over each other. and thats it, no ending, nothing happens. 3/10

MAGIC LOVE: best vid by far!!! cool stop animation using real people. has a great beginning middle and end, every shot is well though out, sound actually fits, right amount of nudity, sex and funny. really really good. all vids should have been around this level of quality. 10/10

(cant remember title, not on list): 2 gay guys that are mechanics. the audio is all broken and doesn't fit at all. they wipe grease and use the tools on each other, go out side and fuck around some more. they tried to be different, but it just wasnt very good, and like most of the vids is just not thought out very well on where is this even going? 3/10

MANSMASH: these guys really tried, but i feel they feel short. is basically just a music video. takes place in some tourture basement where a guy gets abused by some ugly lady. the problem is for every neat thing they show that last a few seconds, there is about 10 seconds worth of just showing the ugly girls face and finger nails. seriously there is about a minute of footage total of just her fingernails. they could have done so much more. 5/10

PRODUCE: 2 fat old lesbians buy vegetables at the store for about 20 seconds. then 3 minutes of them putting the veges in their holes, then a minute of them cutting them up for making dinner. yes that is all that happened and it made it in. 2/10

PIE SLUTS: girls and guys smacking whip cream filled pie tins at each other. while some hip looking chick tells them to do it. thats it. also the lines she is suppose to say she screws up and they didnt edit it out. 1/10

THE PERFECT STRANGER: dont remember for sure, but i know one is a video about a girl wanting prince. she gets a package that comes to life, and a cardboard cut out of prince with a dick. there is a bunch of sex, and just weird stuff happens. i originally didnt really like this one, but they really did try to be different. like some of the others, i just felt they could have pushed for so much more, but it was at least different and creative, but just a little dull after that. 6/10

VOYEUR: guy walks in on his girl having awkward lesbian sex. just watches. they continue to have awkward sex that has absolutely no passion to it. ends with them realizing hes there, and she smiles. 2/10

DUELING DAMES: another one i liked. they try to be all old timey with the sepia tone. 2 chicks are bored and want to fuck, they decided to have a competition. they have the dueling banjos music as they try to out fuck each other. clever idea well executed. every thing works in this one, but they could have done a little more to really push it to be great. 8/10

KRUTCH: i didnt understand this at all. its just a girl with a limp that has a crutch walk around the city. and we see her masturbate on her bed. not sure if they are trying to say she is different or the same as some one with out a crutch. either way nothing happens and there is no message to be had. 3/10

GO AHEAD, PEE!: possible worst of the night. girl gets on a trampoline in a body suit and pees herself for 2 minute or so. that is it. I AM COMPLETELY SERIOUS, THAT IS ALL THAT HAPPENS. 1/10

BOYS FIRST HOOK UP: 2 guys fucking on a bed. one guy is super rough with the other. the twist at the end is they are married or somthing. 2/10

DINNER PARTY: another food one. just people using food as sex toys and then eating them. this one did do some things i hadnt really seen before so that was good, but still its a one shot idea that goes nowhere. 4/10

TOEING THE LINE: its 2 gay guys just making out at different locations that support republican agendas. and jack off on there couch to republicans on tv. get it? republicans dont like gays! isnt that genius???? the vid half way through has a dance number performed about 8 people, ant that had to takes some work and planing, but the first half is just the laziest form of creativity. 4/10

DIRTY MIND: dont remember

EDENXX: just a compilation of some couples dirty videos. some really good sex, but really this didnt have a focus or any idea, just a couple having a good time. for what it was it worked, but for a film competition it is not even close to be good enough, you have to actually try! 5/10

BEST SLUMBER PARTY EVER: this one fails so hard. the whole idea is a nasty lesbian slumber party, and even they cant do that right. the first half is just a bunch of girls saying terrible dialogue, and we get about 45 seconds of them all just sucking on lolly pops, i really didnt understand why it went on that long, anyways the at the slumber party they is some brief nudity and everyone rolling around on each other. thats it, goes nowhere again. 3/10

D4U: A STORY WITH A HAPPY ENDING: dont remember for sure, but i think this is the one where a girl and guy meet, and it shows them fuck like at 3 different locations. its stylized ok, but again not really anything happens. for what it is it was done right, but that diesnt make it any less boring. 5/10

PETER AND THE WOLF: another 2 guys fucking, but they tried to give it something diffrent by having one of the guys be a werewolf. at least is wasnt just them on a couch, but they could have gone so much further. 4/10

ALICE AND MILES: dont remember for sure, but i think its just a couple fucking on a chair. thats it. no good shots of the sex, and the girl didnt even look like she wanted to be there. 2/10

THE BEAT: just a guy jacking it on his bed. the twist is he is religious and it shows him with a bible at the end. again thats all that happens. 1/10

MILKING HONEYS: gay cowboys. random shots of a girl in a bath tub, random shots of lanterns and baileys of hay. the audio has nothing to do with what you see, and you dont see any sex, just simulation. tries to be really artsy and fails so hard. i predict this one wins some category hahahaha. 3/10

BOYFRIEND: last vid of the night, it starts with a drag queen spitting out terrible dialogue on its bed on the phone. i left, i had enough.