A lot has been written about the huge electoral advantage Democrats hold with non-white voters. While Mitt Romney won 59 percent of the white vote, Barack Obama hauled in 80 percent of the non-white voters who made up 28 percent of the 2012 electorate, including an impressive 93 percent of Black voters, 71 percent of Latinos, and 73 percent of Asians.

Well, despite Romney's concerted efforts to portray himself as the better friend of Israel, and Obama as an Iranian appeaser, it turns out that President Obama also earned an overwhelming 70 percent of the Jewish vote. That puts my people right up there with Latino and Asian Americans in terms of presidential preference.

Take that, Whitey!

Of course, most Jews are technically white. That's the box I checked on my census form. It's one of the things that makes us so scary: Our ability to pass.

But while things are certainly better for American Jews than they were a half-century ago, historically we've always been an oppressed and despised minority. From the dominance of Christian culture to the latent anti-semitism that still lurks beneath the surface, we know what it's like to be "the other," even if our grandparents knew it a helluva lot better than we do, and none of us have ever known it as well as African Americans.

I believe that it is this empathy for the minority experience that informs the Jewish electorate, and drives us toward the party that defends civil rights and embraces economic, ethnic, gender, and religious diversity.