This was an actual, real part of Rob McKennas campaign for governor.
  • This was an actual, real part of Rob McKenna's campaign for governor.
This is done:

Republican Rob McKenna conceded the gubernatorial race to Democrat Jay Inslee on Friday evening.

In a conference call with reporters, McKenna's campaign manager, Randy Pepple, said McKenna called Inslee shortly before 6 p.m. to congratulate him on winning the race.

Pepple said McKenna made the decision after the latest vote count showed he could not overcome the lead that Inslee has enjoyed since Election Day.

McKenna initially had argued he'd come back and win on the strength of late voters who'd break for him.

But, alas, there just weren't enough chicks for Rob.

UPDATE: This was first posted at 6:09 p.m. and moved up to announce that Inslee will soon address reporters. You know, in public. McKenna was apparently too fucking cowardly to make his announcement in public—he had to make his campaign manager do it for him on a conference call that certain media outlets were not invited on. What a worm. I'm thrilled for Governor-elect Inslee, of course, but God how I mourn for the joy that would have been four years of The Stranger covering a McKenna administration.

UPDATE AT 7:18 PM: Slog commenter Timothy found out that Rob McKenna has posted his concession speech in a YouTube video: