It certainly helps when one party's platform includes mainstreaming rape, but still, this is awesome:

Planned Parenthood's political wing trounced other groups with a near perfect return on its election spending, according to a new numbers review.

The Sunlight Foundation found that Planned Parenthood's advocacy arm and super-PAC spent about $5 million and $7 million, respectively, to oppose Republicans and support Democrats in the general election.

In the end, the two groups saw returns on investment of about 98 and 99 percent, according to Sunlight.

... Much further down on Sunlight's list were conservative groups. Americans for Tax Reform was on the higher end of that range, with a rate of return of about 57 percent, according to the report. American Crossroads, Karl Rove's 527 organization, had a rate of return of 1.3 percent, the report found.

American Crossroads spent about $105 million to Planned Parenthood's $12 million, which only goes to highlight the scope of Rove's enormous failure, doesn't it?