Short Film Fridays


looks interesting, for the 4 seconds of skippy play i get out of vimeo.

filmmakers, if you're reading, don't put your shit on vimeo.

it's just not watchable.
@1. Works fine for me...I've never had trouble watching stuff off vimeo. Still on dial up?

I'm on a T-1 and it's still hitches and hiccups like a 1920 Model T on unleaded gas...
Worked OK for me on my humble wifi - odd that we're having wildly different experiences.
@1 & @4

good connection, less than a year old (fast when i built it ) computer, windows 7 ultimate, firefox.

but viemo does this every time. . .
I have problem with Vimeo too.

About the video: I so wish alien worlds didn't look so much like earth.
Works fine in Australia, but I also get the occassional Vimeo problem using Firefox.
And I'll be sending them a few bucks.They look like they are set up to put it to good use, and anyone who loves fresh SF should be doing the same IMO.
Vimeo is often choppy because its often higher definition video than most anything else. Just pause it and let most of it download before you play.
For the same def video, Vimeo always works better for me than YouTube. Strange that it's the opposite for so many of you.

They have a pretty tight schedule they're committing to. Funding mid-December, screening in June. Not sure whether to fund. Luckily they have lots of background on their Kickstarter page.