McKenna Admits Defeat: Inslee is our new guvnah.

And We Thought Washington Was Bad? The New York Times reports a whopping 631,274 votes remain uncounted in Arizona, the armpit beacon of our democracy. One republican even rescinded his concession.

What A Douche! Romney canceled all credit cards associated with his campaign the night he conceded. Which sucks because it seems like staffers might need a cab back to their hotels, or need to check out of their hotels, or need to fly home to their families, or need many many strong drinks for dedicating the past year of their lives to his bipolar campaign.

What's An Important Meeting Without a Little Censorship? China is hosting their 18th National Party Congress this week and Google (and all its subdomains) has been blocked for the occasion. Xi Jinping is widely anticipated to become the most powerful member of the communist party during this congress.

Now Eliminate Taxes And Give Us More Money! An Idaho panel has decided the evidence is overwhelming that Obamacare's medicaid expansion will benefit their state. I love it when people in red states say things like this, "If we could have 90 percent to 100 percent of that paid by the federal government, why wouldn’t we do it?"

Conceding Is The New Black: The auditor's race is decided and Stranger endorsed Troy Kelley won.

You Will Be Shocked: To learn that southern states twatted the largest quantity of racist tweets after the election. Squirt some racist sriracha sauce on your pipe and smoke it.

Criminal Masterminds Seek Sax Player: According to the Seattle Police Department, three juveniles broke into Eckstein Middle School last night to steal music equipment. Their parents picked them up at the police station.

Los Angeles To Stop Being Stupid: Well it's a tiny step but L.A. is implementing its first toll on the 110 in a desperate attempt to combat congestion.

Malaria Vaccine Not Very Effective: The Gates funded research which attempts to vaccinate against malaria was around 30% effective in newborns, the demographic most susceptible to life threatening complications from the disease.

Finally: Why is everyone using the photo below in their "Inslee Elected" articles?

Governor-Elect Inslee laughs and points at crying woman
  • Alan Berner / The Seattle Times
  • Governor-Elect Inslee laughs and points at crying woman