Gun Violence in the Central District: A man in the central district was shot last night in front of a home on 26th Ave. He allegedly argued with several people before he was shot twice in his torso. Though rushed to the hospital, his condition is currently unknown.

Good Natured Racist Shaming or Just Mean? After Obama was re-elected, Jezebel hunted down the source of some racist tweets. The teenagers they "caught" then had their schools notified of the tweets. Over at Slate Katy Waldman thinks Jezebel has ruined these young racists' lives unfairly. What do you think?

Amber Alert Does Good: The Amber Alert issued for two-year-old Jessi Moses has led to her successful location. She is unharmed.

Raped Canadian Policewoman Alleges Discrimination: The Kativik Regional Police Force claims they're not sure she is psychologically fit to be on the job.

It Just Takes One Taste: A herd of elephants got into some moonshine in India and went on a drunk stampede to find more after they drained the 500 liter cache.

Doesn't Animal Cruelty Have Some Legal Consequences? A Spokane pet store owner abandoned the property and allegedly left all the animals inside. When the state of the store was discovered many animals had died and some others were in bad condition. Volunteers are adopting the pets, cleaning up the store, and donating to the animal hospital for surgeries.

84-Year-Old Australian Guy Stabs Attacker: Two intruders broke into his home allegedly to steal money, but he instead stabbed one with a broken knife and chased them out.

Trumpeter Swan Lives! In Mill Creek, an injured swan wandered into a Fred Meyer. Yesterday further medical analysis by an animal rescue organization indicated that the swan had been shot. The swan is in stable condition now.

BBC In Hot Water: In a still-developing story, the BBC appears to have mistakenly alleged that a senior Tory politician was a pedophile and molested a boy. Their Director General, George Entwistle, has resigned.