Why Do Republicans Hate America?


At least someone was speaking with common sense.
Time to send them back to Russia.

You're either with America or you're Not.
If I'm not mistaken, Cal Thomas was Jerry Falwell's second-in-command in the Moral Majority. It seems he no longer feels his side has a majority.
Cal Thomas has been mooching off the tit of movement conservatism far too long.
Cal Thomas is a complete asshole. I am fed up with the "If you voted for Obama you are a moocher who believes you are owed something." I am in the Baby Boomer generation that believes that we owe something to the country (I was alive and listening when JFK said "Ask not what your country. . . " ) and that giving to others, including "giving" my taxes to the country, is the low low price of living in the US. I AM NOT A MOOCHER. These horrid people ought to unload their deceitful narrative.They are fast losing the few friends they might have had, and turning them into enraged enemies. Plus I'm glad that woman talked back to him. He's an old white butt-head w/dyed hair meat-puppet. I want him to stop talking now.
Loved Cal's comments.
The Obama supporters are lazy and sleep until Noon.
Except for the ones who work two jobs.
And that is in less than 30 seconds.
Who knew Cal Thomas was still alive?? And isn't the world a scary place in his mind? I think the problem with conservatives is that they're bed wetting cowards who fear anything even remotely different or outside their experience. Sad.
All he's saying is their job is... moocher! Jobs. Both of them. They work the swing shift at a, I guess, moochery, mooching for 8 hours, then do a grave shift overnight at an all-night moocharium. Manufacturing, um, making, mooch. Because of the ECONOMY.

The bad economy made them lose their job not making mooch to become moochers and moonlighting moochers. Moon-moochers. And then they sleep til NOON. The nerve.

God this man is a genius. Where do I sign take back my Obama vote? I want Romney to come in and offshore the mooching factories. Send our moochariums and moocheries to China. For God! For America!

Bless you Cal Thomas for seeing where all others are blind. Who's the broad?
Really - Does Cal Thomas have any friends? Really! Who could stand five minutes with this guy? I could just barely make it through the video? It's so, so, so, so preposterous and demeaning and entitled and arrogant - it's such a childish hissy fit, I don't have any words. That's who Cal Thomas is. He's the entitled spoiled baby who has his favorite little toy and thinks he owns the daycare, and whenever he doesn't get his way, he starts waling at the top of his lungs:

Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! They're the moochers!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Most people grow up and mature. Cal Thomas just grew up. He skipped the maturing part.

Thank you, Cal Thomas and Fox News, for reminding us everyday of what the hell is wrong with the Republican party.

The real moochers in our society are religious organizations. They only have money because people just GIVE that ish to them for no reason, that money then isn't taxed AT ALL, and if they actually do provide a service to society, they put such crazy stipulations on them that no other legitimate business would get away with.
Have you ever heard anyone, over 8 years old, say "yes they ARE" in such a whiny fashion?
@1: Yes, Kristen Powers and Judy Miller do put those guys in their place - Kristen more so.

Yes, Fox actually does have balance.

@6 -- he must mean they sleep till noon because they got home from work at 6AM and their other job starts at 2.
"Yes, Fox actually does have balance."

Maybe you weren't watching the election on Fox.
There are lots of clips of them on YouTube.
And they are HILARIOUS.
"Moochers" and "Takers" = the new code for brown people.
Their anguish sustains me.
And they wonder why people don't like them
Just to keep things in perspective, away from all the "moochers" crap, is that Romney & his ilk remove wealth from America and put it into off-shore tax havens. That is the modus operandi of third-world dictators. It is why America in in difficult economic straights. Luckily for us, there is enough wealth that parasites & thieves like Romney can't destroy us that easy. It doesn't mean they won't try their best.
Cognitive dissonance embodied.

Right now Fox news is like... I don't know what. Porn out-takes? The LOOK on her face. Like, "Why am I with this guy and what is he trying to do to me?"
This man cannot imagine a world that isn't exactly like his own. And by "exactly like his own" I mean, exactly like the make believe, self-deluded fairy tale he's told himself about his own world. It's sad. Men like him are now old, and they have been living in this artificial world for so long, they're beyond seeing it as a sham. They are so far into this self-aggrandizing game they believe everything that resonates with their "gut" and nothing that can be demonstrated with real observations, data, or analysis.

Someone will write a very interesting psychological / sociological profile of this particular species in about 2 years.
He sounds like an actor on The Onion. There's something fake about him.
I love how modestly lessening the gap in the tax rates of rich and working people amounts to hating the rich.

@12: It's nice that they occasionally toss a few coins on the other side of the scale, but there is nothing resembling "balance" on Fox News.
@15, so true. It all makes so much more sense if you substitute the phrase "brown people" whenever one of these blowhards says moochers or takers.
@22: Actually, you are wrong. Say what you will about Fox they DO have a team of dem/liberal pundits on just about every opinion format show they broadcast.
You can their liberal contributors diluted, sub par, whatever, but they're making a lot of money and are pretty busy.
If you only watch something occasionally, then you can't criticize it fairly.
Fox annoys me in several ways, but so does MSNBC. And who watches CNN anymore?

So, the right wing is really pushing this "moocherism" meme. Apparently, this guy is shunning all contact with Democrats, even his family:


The comments provide lots of laughs.
All us Obama supporters are moochers, that's why more of us contributed money to Obama's campaign than did Romey supporters to his. Cause we're takers!
"You can their liberal contributors diluted, sub par, whatever, but they're making a lot of money and are pretty busy."

You obviously think that "making a lot of money" is in some way a valid point.
Which illustrates how incapable you are of judging "balance".

"Fox annoys me in several ways, but so does MSNBC."

Who cares?
This is about Fox.
Why do you feel the need to reference other networks?

"Say what you will about Fox they DO have a team of dem/liberal pundits on just about every opinion format show they broadcast."

Didn't you reference Judy Miller in your previous post?
You have no idea what "liberal" means.
You have no idea what "balance" means.

Go ahead and watch Fox's election coverage.

And read @28. Fox is complete garbage, in a way that all other "partisan" news is not. It's puke. Why are you searching around in puke for bits that "might not be that bad"?
@25: they DO have a team of dem/liberal pundits on just about every opinion format show they broadcast.

Are you referring to all those shows - The O'Reilly Factor, Hannity, Huckabee, Geraldo at Large, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Special Report with Bret Baier - named after their right wing hosts?

Trust me, honey, I'm just trying to help you here. Fox News isn't balanced. It isn't even trying.
O'Reilly debates Jon Stuart, as well as Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Alan Combs, Kristen Powers, and even Al Sharpton and Bill Clinton.
Hannity and Huckabee not so much.
Geraldo as basically news and investigation.
Neil Cavuto has liberal economists on. Austan Goolsbee for one, always a great debate there.
Special Report - always one or two libs on the panel, and Kristen Powers a lot of the time. Also Juan Williams.

Now, I just enumerated the shows you listed; @30, and noted most provide balance.

Now, you can claim that the balance isn't real balance, but nevertheless they are offering liberal viewpoints to some degree or another.

I'm not talking about quality here. There's no need to. As Fnarf says, it's TV news. Thank God for the Internet, right?

Furthermore, they want ratings so they want robust debate on their shows.

But TV news is sexy. And Fox is popular. It's not garbage, its effective content that gets people's feathers ruffled. I think that's healthy.
Phoebe, your problem is the same as the right-wing: Anyone who disagrees w/ their narrow viewpoint is the enemy. A "liberal." Thus, Jon Stewart and Al Sharpton are the same. Which displays your staunch ignorance. So your conclusion that Fox is " effective content that gets people's feathers ruffled. I think that's healthy." shouldn't be surprising.

You are wrong. Let's say I go on the air and call you a vapid cunt w/ no redeemable qualities. Even your children should be neutered. We're going to spend the first twenty minutes debating whether you should be killed outright or just shunted off so no one comes near you. Now, isn't this a healthy debate? We're taking opposite views here, aren't we?

You're right in that this approach brings in ratings. But healthy? Did you not pay attention to the election & its aftermath? Look at how the Fox viewership were completely blind sighted by the results. Their ideas about the world are not built on facts, but on wishes & fantasies. The very wishes & fantasies which are in open display in the OP's video. You *did* watch it, didn't you? I'm sure there were plenty of people in Russia who were just as shocked by the quick downfall of communism.

That sort of thing is far from healthy.
What I thought as soon as he started talking was, what about Mitt Romney. What would the average American do if they had the opportunity to borrow millions to start a business; just like Mitt was given. Would they buy a company, and sell it's parts? The something that Obama voters want is opportunity. Mitt Romney got a free top notch education. What rugged strength did he demonstrate to earn millionaire parents? He got an interest free loan to build Bain, and his supporters resent food stamps and public education? People want what Shit-for-brains in the clip lacks the intelligence to appreciate: opportunity. How was Romney's entire life not the product of a giveaway? Where are the pundits that can make this point?
It is all entertainment. Anyone who even for a moment regards it as anything but entertainment is making a grave error.

And it is damn entertaining. That Cal Thomas guy is one hilarious clown.
How's that coal train doing?

Good thing Buffet paid off Obama with a billion dollars so he can damage kids lungs with anthracite dust.
Surprised nobody has yet commented on the commenter from Cal's tormentor, when he ask her how she knows they're not moochers: "How do I know? I look at the data."

Exactly. And this is the same fantasyland thinkIng by which Joe Scarborough, et al, criticized Nate Silver.
Here's Republicanism I can live with:

Sunday, Nov 11, 2012 10:15 AM PST
Sunday best: Bill Kristol wants to raise taxes on millionaires

Shocker! Influential conservative says the GOP should be willing to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires


I've been saying this forever and even appealed to Dave Reichert directly regarding the middle class extensions.
@38 I'm sure that before the day was over, conservative pundits were calling Kristol a RINO.

If Faux Noise is so wonderful then why is Frank Luntz saying that Faux Noise viewers should be outraged?


How much is Faux Noise paying you for cheerleading? I need some of that $$$ myself.
Fox doesn't hate America. Fox hates AMERICANS.

Because they love America so much!
I've never heard of this Cal guy, but he looks like either someone from a Brylcreem ad or one of those clip art guys from "Get Your War On".
I think I've got it. Phoebe in Wallingford is Gay Dude for Romney now that the election is over.
Cal Thomas is an evangelical Christian. That's all I need to know about him to form an opinion.
I sincerely hope Cal Thomas is allowed to be a mouthpiece for the conservative movement in four years. If they keep this nonsense up, they'll be lucky to get a dogcatcher elected in a purple district.
"And Fox is popular. It's not garbage, ..."

I think we have found the basic disconnect between reality and you.
Popularity has no bearing upon whether something is garbage or not.

"... its effective content that gets people's feathers ruffled. I think that's healthy."

You really don't have a clue, do you?
Look up "Piss Christ".
Transgressional just means transgressional.
Whether it is "effective" or "healthy" is not dependent upon it being transgressional.

"Furthermore, they want ratings so they want robust debate on their shows."

They want ratings so they go for repeating what their audience wants to hear.
Where was the "robust debate" on Fox about Limbaugh denigrating Fluke?
It should be easy to find if there was any.
It was covered here many times.
@33: You're really stretching this. Enemies? Come on.

Americans, despite your cynicism, are capable of making up their own minds despite the media.

There seems to be an impression that Fox viewers are undergoing some type of Clockwork Orange treatment.


Oh, and there's Bob Beckel's liberal retorts on multiple shows. How could I forget dear ol' Bob.


Keep it up anger and hate filled republicans. Keep repeating this forever. You are your own worst enemies.

The woman's first comment will be their prophecy... "This is why republicans will never be in office again." Couldn't have said it better myself.
"There seems to be an impression that Fox viewers are undergoing some type of Clockwork Orange treatment."

There is a simple answer to that.
Watch Fox's election coverage.


And the part I find fascinating is how you continue to refuse to address Fox's election coverage.
Despite it being the clearest example that contradicts your claims.

That's it, isn't it?
You refuse to address Fox's election coverage BECAUSE it contradicts all your claims.
Phoebe.. yeah i kinda know what you mean.. i'm having a hard time thinking they actually brown people.. well of course bill o'reilly actually came out and said it. but that didn't make him a racist, just an honest 'conservative'.. anyways. and this guy well.. i didn't think he meant it
either, until he mentioned that woman with the free phone ad. phoebe, remember back in the day when people on welfare bought cadillacs. that was until the 'liberals' came along and talked about how the biggest recipients of government handouts were people that had unmentionable amounts of money.
look phoebe i don't know if you're a republican or really a conservative, but if you are why aren't outraged at the kinds of crap they're pulling. ? and i mean 'mad as hell and not going to take it anymore ' angry. you'll call it 'robust debate' but why aren't you seething at the their thinly veiled racism and contempt for level headed on honest discourse. why do you defend them ?
The notion that Fox News presents liberal and conservative opinions in balance is so ludicrous, Phoebe, so transparently false, that the only reason to hold such an opinion would be to derive pleasure from the earnest sentiments of people who have been tricked into believing you are serious. Until recently, this was known as "trolling", but now that "trolling" has been refigured to mean "anonymous death threats" I don't know what we're going to call it.
@51: Let's call it "meerkatting".
@50: I'm your father's old-style Republican. But this year, no way. I voted for Barack Obama despite multiple serious misgivings.
I'm glad Media Matters released that clip. It really shows how Kristen counteracted Cal and quite effectively I might add. That's what I mean as healthy.

@51: How often do I need to state it? The quality of Fox's liberal punditry is certainly open to criticism, but you have to admit it does exist. We're talking about two different things. I'm talking about # guests and frequency, you're talking about quality.

Perhaps if liberals such as Paul Krugman and Katrina vanden Heuvel were not adverse to going on Fox, the quality of debate would improve?

"I'm talking about # guests and frequency, you're talking about quality."

The point being that if they only have "liberals" on that they can easily out-debate then there is no balance.
Those are "straw liberals".
I didn't expect to have to link to this in a conversation with adults, but for some reason I do.

But that is the same reason why you cannot address Fox's election coverage.
@53: What specifically about the election night coverage?
"What specifically about the election night coverage?"

So, despite your claims that they are "balanced" you did not watch their election coverage yet.
That's okay.
I will let Jon Stewart explain it to you.

Here's a clue for you: when everyone else can see the problem EXCEPT you then you are in denial.
@11 I think she should be commended for sitting right next to him though that and not popping him the mouth.
It's pretty obvious that Cal Thomas hates a lot of people irrationally, starting with people who don't agree with him. Sounds like that number is ever increasing. That lady arguing with him looked like she was trying to argue with a crazy person. At first it's because they're moochers, then when she says many have two jobs, it's because of the economy.

Ironically, when you look at my cousins, most of the ones that voted for Romney have at some point been either on government assistance or live with their parents or were supported by their parents significantly, or some magical combination of the three. I've probably paid more taxes then all of them, taken less cash assistance, and I still voted Obama.