As Goldy noted, Republican columnist Cal Thomas insisted yesterday that Obama voters are moochers on welfare who sleep till noon. They want government handouts, they don't start their own businesses. Thomas says this is the "truth." Yeah, the guy's a tool, but this idea that Democrats don't pay taxes and rely on government was a message from Mitt Romney that persists after the election.

Tell that to Katy Leighton, who owns Katy's Corner Cafe on 20th and Union. She pays income taxes, B&O taxes, payroll taxes, and sales taxes. She employs people. And she was at work before at 6:00 a.m. this morning at her business. And she voted for Obama:


Passels of Republicans like Thomas say that Katy doesn't even exist. "I'm embarrassed for him," Katy says.

And hey, I'm also an Obama voter who's working before noon—blogging in a coffee shop, admittedly—but working. On a holiday. And I don't exist, apparently.

Are you an Obama voter who's working before noon? Do you actually exist? Send me a photo of you at work (with a brief message to Thomas, Romney, Limbaugh, etc. if you like) and I'll post em. Send 'em here.

UPDATE at 10:40 a.m: Lots of you have written in with your awesome photos and stories of "sleeping till noon." Read 'am all HERE.

UPDATE at NOON: Still more lazy Obama supporters "sleeping till noon."