The GOP says Obama voters are welfare-abusing layabouts who "sleep till noon." This wasn't just one recent statement. This isn't just one imbecilic belief. This is a key component of the modern GOP's core political philosophy—liberals are government parasites who vote for politicians that will steal from workers and redistribute to the lazy—and it deserves to be earnestly mocked.

So here are more of you lovely Obama voters "sleeping till noon":

Kate Koivisto:


I was up at 6:30 a.m. this morning to get to my job at a mid-size nonprofit in Denver, CO by 7:30 a.m. I run a program that helps disenfranchised individuals train and get jobs in the healthcare sector. I’ll be at work today until 8 p.m. because I’m also running a Professional Development Night so my participants can have as many skills as possible when they enter the workforce. I voted for Obama. Obviously.

Cate Burlington:


This is me at work before nine a.m. at my tech support job in Brooklyn. I spend forty hours a week at my day job and also work on evenings and weekends as a volunteer coordinator for a group that teaches free computer classes in low-income neighborhoods. I donate 5% of my income to charity and am lucky to make enough money that I pay federal income tax. Voted, donated, and canvassed for Obama.

Isabella Organ:


My name is Isabella and my husband and I both support voted for Obama. This is a picture of me in my home office on my "day off". I only have today "off" because I give up time with my family to work on weekends. Even though I am at home today, I am still working, taking phone calls, emails, texts, scheduling appointments, creating advertisements, paying bills, etc., for my small business. I am self employed and I do not get paid for this. Even on my "day off", I was up at 6:15 this morning to make sure my child got to school on time. I have been working since I was 15, full time (or more) since I was 16. I have often worked 10-12 hours days, 6 & 7 day weeks, and gone weeks at a time with no days off. I have never received overtime pay for doing so, either because I was self-employed or working multiple jobs. Sometimes, I have to keep working through dinner, even though my family is at home waiting for me. I have never collected unemployment, welfare or food stamps.

My husband rises at 4, and leaves for work at 5. When he gets home from work at around 3, he begins working on our fixer-upper home (which was all that we could afford) and usually doesn't stop working on it until about 10. That is, IF he doesn't have to work overtime. He often works ten hour days, sometimes 6 days a week. There have been times when he worked 17 hours on a Saturday. Not only do we support Obama and pay our fair share in taxes, but we are proud and happy to do so, and both agree that we would be more than happy to pay higher taxes if we were ever able to make that much money!

Charles Rolling:


Noon? I'm usually 5-6 hours into my day by then. I work now as a network technician after having been laid off from management in 2008. I challenge any tough guy conservative to come keep up with my day. Either here on the job or out on the ranch, I've worked more than one Republican to a cute little nubbin. So Mr. Thomas, bring that weak shit to Texas where we are not all crazy and where I'll best you both at work or out behind the woodshed.

Randi Anderson-Smith:


Every morning I wake up at 8am (except on Wednesdays, that's my 6am day) and take the 2 hour one-way commute to work via my car, rail train, and bus. I work as an 'independent contractor'—more specifically as an office manager for a local psychotherapist. My day is spent making sure all her patients are taken care of financially. I receive no benefits. We lost food stamps when my husband received a 25 cent raise, and have to pay taxes at the end of the year. My husband does get to sleep until noon, but as a late-shift warehouse lead he doesn't get to leave work until midnight or later depending on the day. Sleeping until noon is a luxury my husband and I don't have, even on our off days since those are the only day we have to get anything done.