This Election Makes Reading the News So Fun: I could read ledes that start like this all day. "As a subdued John A. Boehner started to lay the groundwork for compromise with President Obama..."

Nerds Rule! Obama's 29-year-old chief analytics officer must still be washing champagne out of his hair; presidential campaigns are changed forever. Fun story: Remember that little town in New Hampshire that votes at midnight? Well...

Dixville Notch split 5–5. It did not seem an auspicious outcome for the president. But for the math geeks and data wizards who spent more than a year devising sophisticated models to predict which voters would back the president, Dixville Notch was a victory. Their model had gotten it right, predicting that about 50% of the village's voters were likely to support President Obama.

The Scandal That Keeps on Giving: General Petraeus's affair ensnares another general—Marine General John Allen, the US commander in Afghanistan. "I think I'm more surprised by this than almost anything I've seen in my career," says NPR's Pentagon correspondent, Tom Bowman. Here's a short list of the main players.

Big Windows News: Microsoft announced late yesterday that Steven Sinofsky, "the exacting and controversial president of Windows and Windows Live, [has] left the company just weeks after delivering the radical revamp of its flagship software product, Windows 8."

Vote or Die, For Real: Arizona woman drives over her husband in an SUV because he didn't vote. He's currently in critical condition.

Not Elmo! Kevin Clash, who plays Elmo, takes a leave of absence from Sesame Street to deal with "false and defamatory" accusations that he had a relationship with a teenager. Clash says the relationship "was between two consenting adults." The Elmo character will not be on hiatus during this time, as he is "bigger than any one person."

Oxford American Dictionary Word of the Year Announced: This year it's "GIF," which beats out "YOLO" and, if you were wondering, can be pronounced with a hard or a soft g.

The Turkey, eh! Mashed Potatoes, eh! It's Thanksgiving! Ark Music Factory, creator of "Friday," is back with another hit! Here, watch/listen, repeat, repeat, lose mind. Yay!