Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out:

Oh, the loneliness of being a Seattle Tea Party Patriot, especially after this last election. All around you: Liberals. Democrats. Obama supporters. People who think Dan Savage is really cool.

"It's getting harder and harder for me. I was at Trader Joe's, and I was glaring at everyone around me," says Keli Carender, 33, co-organizer of the local group. Carender's glaring took place at the Trader Joe's in the University District, a neighborhood that, for sure, is a bastion of libs. "I kept thinking I was surrounded by people who are destroying freedom,"says Carender. "It's starting to make me angry, not wanting to be around these people."

Carender might be familiar to some because she made national news back in February 2009 for putting together the first ever tea-party protest—at Westlake Park, with 120 or so people attending. Carender now works for the national Tea Party Patriots. She says she's seriously thinking about moving after her husband, Conor McNassar, a University of Washington math and physics major, is done with school. They're thinking maybe Texas, maybe Eastern Washington, a long ways from where she grew up on Mercer Island.

Who will bravely glare at Trader Joe's shoppers in the U-District once Keli moves away? Besides all the other crazy people in the U-District. Besides them. Who will glare?

UDDATE: I am sitting in my pajamas at my dining room table, reading the print edition of the New York Times, listening to NPR's Morning Edition, deleting harassing emails (where's my shirtless FBI agent when I need him?), and drinking tea. LOOSE LEAF TEA, bitches! Woot! Woot! So, yeah, feeling pretty cool.