Fuck this shit...


A dog without a bark is not a dog, dawg.

And now for the point of this post: A certain family on my street has a dog that loves to bark. Only this dog and its owners loves its throaty, hoarse, and altogether horrible bark. The rest of the street has to endure what it and its owners finds so delightful. It only takes a falling leaf to trigger this dog barking—and it goes on forever. Now, why is it that the worst pet owners in any city or social situation are to found among the owners of this specific animal? Why are dog owners more susceptible to this kind of flaw or failure: the inability to see that their animal is not loved by all? The dog, more than any other pet, has the power to weaken its owners sense of others, the space of others, and his/her basic social obligations to others. Who else but dog owners bring their pets into grocery stores? We can think about these things, now that Obama has been elected, pot is legal, and gays have more rights.