I think everyone understands the unreasonable, isolating fury that can overtake you when confronted with terrible drivers. I'll admit: When some dude cuts me off while texting on his iPhone, I fantasize about him dying of septic shock on Christmas Eve, before friends and family. Maybe, even, during midnight mass.

But that's as far as it goes for most people—outrageous fantasy—because most reasonable people recognize that cars are for transportation, not weapons or tools for revenge.

And then there are these assholes, courtesy of the SPD Blotter:

A road rage incident during the morning commute left one man with a broken leg and a damaged car. This morning at approximately 6:30 a.m., the victim and suspect were on I-5 southbound traveling to Seattle. According to the victim, the suspect cut him off and [so then] the victim pulled in front of the suspect and applied his brakes.

Both vehicles then got off the freeway at the Mercer Street exit and the suspect followed the victim to an address on Hayes St. When the victim stopped his car, the suspect rammed the victim’s car from behind and pushed the victim and his car about 10 feet forward. The victim got out of his car to confront the suspect and the suspect ran the victim over, breaking the victim’s leg. The victim said there were no words exchanged between them, nor could he see the driver.

The good news is that the suspect's front license plate fell off while he* was allegedly running down his victim, so he will be caught. And ff the details of the case are confirmed as written above, he will be subjected to a good ol' fashioned public shaming, at which point he will probably say he's so very, very sorry for following a complete stranger home, ramming his car, and then running him over. And that he's learned his lesson.

But the subtext of his apology will be, Sorry that I got caught for running you over but I thought you had it coming because fuck your brake lights you fucking pissant.

And he will forever be remembered—on the Internet, at least—as a brutish dick with criminal rage issues and a laughably distorted sense of justice.

*I'm assuming gender, here.