Democratic Leadership: Nancy Pelosi, the only woman ever to hold her position, will stick around as House Minority Leader.

National Soap Opera: The Petraeus affair continues to unfold.

Hung Jury: The Marysville police officer who left a loaded gun in the cup holder of the family van, after which his 3-year-old son fatally shot his 7-year-old daughter, may or may not be retried after a jury failed to reach a verdict yesterday.

Two Seattle Men Sue SPD for Excessive Force: After stopping the men at gunpoint for fitting a 911 caller's description of "two tall, skinny, African-Americans," the officer was caught on camera telling them, "I'm going to make stuff up" to send them to jail.

Hope Solo's Fiancé Arrested, Released: Former Seahawk and Husky Jerramy Stevens was arrested on suspicion of assaulting Solo on the eve of their wedding. The judge ordered his release, saying police didn't have sufficient cause to hold him.

Elmo Exonerated: As Paul reported yesterday, the man accusing Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash of an inappropriate sexual relationship has recanted. Says the New York Times, "The statements were followed by detectable sighs of relief from those who had been alarmed by seeing the words 'under-age sex' in the same sentence as 'Elmo.'

Speaking of Imaginary Sex That Makes You Uncomfortable and/or Ill: Fifty Shades of Gray nominated for a UK National Book Award.

Real Life Iron Man Coming Soon: Robot suits that help paraplegics walk are in development all over the country. Researchers at Vanderbilt University, for example, "have developed a robotic exoskeleton that straps over paralyzed limbs. With crutches, paraplegics can stand, walk and even climb stairs."

Awkward '90s child makes awkward '90s joke on awkward '90s television. "You can tell he's a comedian by the way he's working that mic."