With You In Spirit, Olympia


So glad HUMP! is coming to Oly this year, and I love Le Voyeur! Wish I could come down and say hi tonight, hopefully next year.
I am so excited about tonight! Thanks so much for showing HUMP at the film fest. Wish you were here, but Lindy is an acceptable sub.
I always wondered... is masturbating allowed?
Dan turns into a pumpkin if he crosses Seattle in anything other than a plane. A big, gooshy, rotting pumpkin.
OK...I was there. It was packed! It started late, and that's okay. Lindy did a great job, but I could not believe the audacity of some of the people around me, telling her to hurry up, "get this over with" etc. These people have supposedly been to Hump before too, as I have. Would they have been such assholes if Dan was there? I don't know. But since one of the rules was "no disparaging remarks," when the assholes behind me made mean comments after Lindy was done, I turned around and reminded them NO DISPARAGING COMMENTS or I get to punch you TWICE. I don't know if Olympia deserves Hump next year.