Arena Dreaming: What could the SoDo arena look like? Check out these speculative drawings by a real-life arena architecture firm.

Secession Obsession: From Harry Cheadle at Vice, an oversimplified list of benefits that come with states' secession from the U.S. It's about as likely as JFK's corpse doing the Cha Cha Slide, but just imagine the glory of Cascadia.

Cue the Slow Bass Guitar: A district attorney in central New York state lies about his brief adult film career to get reelected, then reneges his lie and apologizes to reporters. His abbreviated career in '70s pornography aroused his interest in administering Justice.

Law and Disorder: A suspected auto thief released on a daylong furlough to visit his dying mother was recaptured in Yakima after two weeks as a wanted man. Police should never trust a suspected carjacker with a killer neck tattoo.

Lingonberry Slave Labor: After relying on East German prisoners to manufacture sensible, yet stylish furniture without pay, Ikea now "regrets" the employees' shameless exploitation.

Time (for Jail): A watch chock full o' wires and gadgetry is not an ideal fashion accessory when flying commercial. A man arrested at Oakland International Airport for his allegedly suspicious watch, which he calls "art," learned that lesson. Of course, there were no explosives found. But has Art finally found a way to threaten our safe skies?

That 2:30 Feeling: Because of its link to 13 deaths and at least one "spontaneous abortion," 5-Hour Energy drink is under investigation by the FDA.

Take a Meteor Shower: Right now, tiny bits of the comet Tempel-Tuttle are falling through our atmosphere wicked-fast. Find some clear skies and watch you a good ol' meteor shower tonight.

In time for Thanksgiving, check out these foods that resemble cooked turkeys. Be sure to cringe at the turkey-shaped meatloaf.

And watch these people's faces when a bomb goes off during a CNN interview: