That's No "Cedar Grove" I Smell: "Marysville has waged an expensive two-year legal and public-relations battle with Cedar Grove Composting, which has a facility just outside its city limits. Now it looks likely the battle over the smell will come down to at least three lawsuits," writes Emily Heffter of the Seattle Times.

It's No Superstorm Sandy, But Still: Morning traffic slowed to a crawl today as commuters faced 1/2 inch of rain pounding down onto streets and highways before 7:00 a.m.

A Bridge Made from Shoddy Workmanship? An internal state audit conducted on the 520 bridge construction project found a “pattern of noncompliance” and “failure to implement corrective action” on the part of the contractor in question, Kiewit Construction, which is pouring the concrete pontoons that will keep the damn thing afloat. The audit also concluded that WSDOT “failed to hold the contractor accountable.”

What a Prick: Port Angeles teacher wears 'No on R-74' pin to class in the days before the November 6 general election, offends student with two moms. A flurry of petitions ensues.

San Francisco Nudity Ban: This week, San Francisco officials are considering a ban on public nakedness, with exceptions for children, parade fetishists, and junk-flapping runners.

Insincere Hipsters: An Op-Ed on how living in the ironic age of hipster has strangled the art of honest conversation, sincerity, and "vulnerable emotion."

Missing Everett Woman Still Missing: Responding to a tip, over 40 volunteers and cadaver dogs fanned out across Beacon Hill yesterday in search of the remains of a young Everett woman missing since 2009. However, they came up empty handed.

Behold the Miracle of Science! Scientists have managed to reverse paralysis in dogs suffering from spinal injuries after injecting them with cells grown from the lining of their noses. Furthermore, scientists are "confident" the same technique could be used to restore partial movement in paralyzed people.

It's Almost Thanksgiving! Time to Fight About Christmas: Santa Monica churches are suing the city to continue their 60-year Nativity Scene tradition, which was axed by the city this year after atheists last year put up signs of Poseidon, Jesus, Santa Claus and the devil around the Nativity and wrote: “37 million Americans know myths when they see them. What myths do you see?”

And finally, here is a song that will make you hungry and ruin your morning: